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Are You Choosing to Pay Attention or Ignore the Best Part of You?

Are You Choosing to Pay Attention or Ignore the Best Part of You?

The subconscious mind is always trying to keep us safe, so our mind tends to focus on things that aren’t going well or that we don’t like. This mindset hurts our confidence level for so many reasons. Specifically, we’re replaying old stories of our characteristic...

[Success] What this ONE change will do for your business

Do you know what the biggest block to your success in your business is? I’ll give you a hint…look in the mirror (it’s you!). This block could show up in many ways: –  You don’t know how to attract ideal clients who are more than willing  to pay for your...

(Success Tips) How to Have Your Business Breakthroughs

It’s been two days since my Ultimate Success Solutions Workshop:  How to Break Through Your Financial Glass Ceiling For Once & For ALL ended.  WOW!  There was so much great energy in the room from the fabulous group of attendees. I must admit, I was nervous about...