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http://katebeeders.comDo you know what the biggest block to your success in your business is? I’ll give you a hint…look in the mirror (it’s you!).

This block could show up in many ways:

–  You don’t know how to attract ideal clients who are more than willing  to pay for your services/products (instead you attract people who can’t afford you and don’t appreciate you )

–  You’re afraid of speaking in public (what if the audience doesn’t like what you have to say. You’d rather stay below the radar instead of putting yourself “out there”)

–  You’re always overwhelmed with too much to do (you’re not getting the results you want and are missing a lot of really great opportunities)

–  You don’t know what you don’t know (I used to say that until I learned from my mentors who did know)

–  You’re really uncomfortable talking about money (you’d rather change the subject and avoid the conversation. You don’t even want to think about raising your prices).

You’re not really sure you deserve (more) success. (Why should you be successful? Do others really see the value in what you offer? Maybe they’ll think you’re a “fraud”? Or compare yourself with others?)

Take a moment and write down what your big block is.

These blocks and so many more are the most common obstacles I hear from the heart-centered entrepreneurs I work with. What I find so amazing is once the shift is made and my clients do get past this blocks amazing things keep happening and happening. More than anyone could have predicted.  Even years later!

IMG_0445Let me share one of my stories. When I first started my business (literally, in the first week), I got a call to host a radio show at a “real” radio station. You know the type where the producer points at you, the “mike” turns red and the show is “live and on air”.

I was so excited about this and immediately said “yes’. I’d seen enough movies to be fascinated by this opportunity. However, once I said “yes’ all sorts of fears popped up. I felt like a deer in the headlights. I had never even been a guest on a radio show. I had barely even acted in a school play. This was totally out of my comfort zone. I was smart enough to know that if I didn’t conquer this fear of public speaking and make this change,  it would really hold my business back. So, I worked with a coach, quickly cleared out the fear and now really enjoy public speaking. I think it’s fun! (Never in a million years would I have thought I would call it “fun”)

Since that time, so many amazing things have happened I never would have predicted.

  • All sort of “superstars” have been on my radio show: Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Ali Brown and many more.
  • Been a featured presenter on many, many telesummits (including one with a listening worldwide audience of over 500,000 
  • Held my own sold out events
  • Spoken at others’ sold out events
  • And much more

http://katebeeders.comMy point of sharing my story is to let you know that it’s so important to make the change and release your blocks. Amazing things will keep happening to you. I think that’s the part that most people don’t get. These changes continue to keep happening in your life. It’s a ripple effect. These are significant changes – not “one hit wonders”.  I honestly don’t know of any other investment that pays off this well and continues to pay off – even years later!  Think of how many more people you can help once you change.

Here’s what’s happened to some of my clients:

  • Released her block of not charging what she was worth and went from charging $250/hour to getting a client for over $100,000 (she was uncomfortable talking about money with  her clients).  She was able to set boundaries with her clients by speaking up for herself.  Her marriage also improved as she was able to talk more openly with her husband.  
  • Didn’t make any money her first two years of business and then earned $7000 in less than 2 months (our work together helped her believe that she was worth it).  Since then, she’s been speaking on all sorts of venues and will probably reach 6-figures this year in her business.  Her confidence level is rockin’ and rollin’.  
  • Stopped working nights and weekends so she had time for her family and herself (she wasn’t able to set boundaries with her clients). She also was able to raise her rates from our work together. And, (this is huge), she went on her first vacation with her husband in 2 years!   

If I hadn’t made that change my business would have stayed very small.  I know that for a fact.  When I see entrepreneurs who don’t make the changes they need to make, their businesses don’t grow.  Sometimes their businesses even go backwards.  One big benefit I got from my change, as did my clients from theirs, is an increase in self-confidence.  But, when you don’t change, often your self-esteem takes a huge hit!  

clockGo back and look at that block you wrote down in the beginning of this article.  What are you going to do now to make a shift?  Tick tock…time doesn’t stop whether you take action or don’t.  


It’s so important to get into action. If you’d like to start getting on your way to making these changes, I invite you to watch my brand-new video series focused on making 2013 an amazing year for you! 



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