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Corporate America’s Leading Expert on the Neuroscience of Sales, Strategy and SUCCESS!

Welcome. If you’re here, you are already ten steps ahead. Because if you’re here, you are one of the knowers! You already recognize that conventional wisdom isn’t cutting it. And that’s because most of what’s taught in professional and personal development is based on transforming the conscious mind. Think positively they say. Change your thoughts, they say. As though it’s as easy as changing your clothes!

But true success, lasting success, requires a much deeper recalibration. A subconscious re-wiring of your mind that taps into the depths of your innate Zone of Brilliance.

When you do that work, when you step into the mindset of a leader, you unlock a series of breakthroughs that culminate in a new level of income and impact. This is the Zone of Brilliance that leads to the MORE you’re seeking.

More sales.

More clients.

More money.


So congratulations in advance. Your life, your business and your career are about to change forever!


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“As a result of working with Kate, I have been able to save money for retirement, buy a new luxury car and take many trips, including a 3-week vacation to Bali”

– Sarah Rodewald, Realtor

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Meet Kate

I’m an accidental entrepreneur. I started my business in 2010 after being laid off as a Business Development Executive, and I was confident that I’d replace my multi-six figure income (and then some) in no time.

Instead of big paydays, I was struggling to make ends meet. I was giving away my services because of an old money story that I wasn’t even aware of.

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