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Success Stories

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“Kate’s expertise saved me time, energy, and money.”

“I started working with Kate after I embarked on a large project a few months ago. I was dealing directly with the CEO and wanted to ensure the project went seamlessly. Kate’s expertise saved me time, energy, and money. Her ability to keep me sane was a blessing! I plan on using her consulting services again in the future and highly recommend to anyone.”

– Jennifer Guild

“I wish the coaching program was longer.”

“I really appreciated Kate’s attention to detail and following through with what I wanted to work on. I loved the fact that at each session she provided positive feed back and referrals and would follow up on the homework and shared different tools to help with my goals. I enjoyed how she would continually point out the positive within me and would encourage me to reflect and see my growth. I wish the program was longer.”

– Agripina Rodriguez
Manager at Endeavors

“Without Kate I may have made decisions that were based out of fear”

I started working with Kate because I needed to make a decision about the best path to choose for my career. However, after my first coaching session it was clear that I was not ready to make that decision and that if I did some more work on myself I might actually make a better decision. Kate helped me to see that showing up as my authentic self and learning to love myself was the first step in helping gain more confidence. Further, she identified blocks (stories that we tell ourselves) that were ultimately limiting my ability to move forward.

Through tapping and other traditional coaching techniques Kate was able to help me remove blocks and change my mindset from one of scarcity to abundance. I was then able to take everything that I learned about myself and leverage it in a way that allows me to be successful in my career. Turns out I didn’t need to make a decision about the best path to choose, I was and am on the best path for me at this point in my life. Without Kate I may have made decisions that were based out of fear and for the wrong reasons and instead I am right where I a supposed to be

– Laurie Henighan

“While working with Kate, I have grown my 10 year old business in both income and staff…”

I met Kate at her MoneyZone event in 2016. I was actively looking for something I could do differently to help advance my business and personal goals. After running my business for over 10 years I had recently discovered a huge breach of trust with a staff member which had really shaken my confidence. I was also getting serious about my growing alternative business/creative pursuits, but was unsure how to manage these competing demands. Kate’s approach was attractive to me as she addressed not only the practical ‘how-to’ of planning & goal setting, but also the mindset roadblocks that had been holding me back. She helped me see how my own inaccurate perceptions of my situation could be challenged and resolved through tapping and other neuroscientific approaches.
While working with Kate, I have grown my original business both in staff & in revenue. I have also achieved my personal goal of becoming a filmmaker (completing three short films in the last 12 months) and have established a second business with a partner that attracted over half a million dollars in external investment.

I enjoyed working with Kate because I always felt like she was in my corner, and could tell when I was ‘in my head’ and helped me get out of it so I could get a different perspective on whatever was stressing me out. We worked through a lot of different issues from losing a long term employee, to helping me set boundaries with my business partner to practical suggestions on everyday management of my time and staff. It was great to have the regular time to work on my business and personal issues with someone who would support me while also calling out my false beliefs. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot and have so many extra tools in my tool box as a result.

– Emma Fugate

“Since our breakthrough, I am more in demand as a speaker, author and thought leader!”

I knew it was time for me to make a change in my business model, but somehow I just wasn’t making it happen. I came to Kate Beeders to find help in identifying what was keeping me stuck. One we named the limiting thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me from making the change, in three sessions I was able to take the first critical steps in re-tooling my business. Since our breakthrough, I am more in demand as a speaker, author and thought leader and I’m sure I wouldn’t be having these opportunities if I were still in my old mindset. Kate has an incredible way of challenging old patterns that no longer serve without making you feel judged for having created those patterns in the first place. I felt encouraged, understood and supported the whole way through.

– Gail Dixon
Masterful Messaging

“As a result of working with Kate, I have been able to save money for retirement, buy a new luxury car and take many trips, including a 3-week vacation to Bali”

I started working with Kate because I needed help getting to the next level in my business and was not able to make it happen on my own. I asked the universe for help and she came into my life! I was particularly pleased that Kate helped me with my mindset and it enabled me to really implement the systems that run my business successfully and more easily today.

As a result of working with Kate, I have been able to save money for retirement, buy a new luxury car and take many trips, including a 3-week vacation to Bali. I have more confidence in myself in my business and with other areas of my life. I have been able to go on vacation and not ruin my business while I am away, I hired an assistant and started taking piano lessons again. This year, I plan on going on a road trip up to Canada to visit my Aunt and to double my profits. I am close to buying a house and I am consistently hitting new levels in my business and in my life. I am happier and more motivated. I love the group of women that I work with and have fun doing it, too.

Kate helped me stay grounded and continue working on my business during a very tumultuous time in my life. I would not be making the strides that I have been making if it was not for the continued support from Kate and her coaching program. I highly recommend Kate Beeders and her Brilliance Coaching Program.

– Sarah Rodewald

“I am so grateful to have the privilege of being a member of the BCP program family”

What can I say about working with Kate after 1 year? I have gained so much more than I signed up for. I decided to work with Kate because I had been in business for several years, but the business did not have consistent profitability. Kate quickly identified the areas in my business that were my biggest challenges – some of the areas were mindset blocks that I never realized were holding me back from getting to the level of success I truly desired. We worked on removing these blocks and fine tuning strategies to getting more clients. As a result I’m showing up for my clients in bigger way, no longer “playing small,” and my business is on track to achieve a new level of profitability! But not only is business better, but so are my relationships with family and friends, and renewed excitement in hobbies and passions.

But what I know, and love most about working with Kate is that she has such a big heart and is fully invested in the success of everyone around her, not just her clients. As a coach, she pours her heart and soul into working with you, and really challenges you to be your best self in all areas of your life, not just your business. I am so grateful to have the privilege of being a member of the BCP program family and having Kate as my coach.

If you are looking for a coach to help you to show up and be bigger in your business game, and your life I highly recommend Kate. She is a game changer.

– La Verne Morris

“The breakthroughs were fantastic! “

I came to this event to jumpstart my sales and pricing strategies for my business… I left with way more than that! I learned the importance of mindset and how it plays into every aspect of my business. I would recommend one of Kate’s events because it’s the perfect mix of mindset and business coaching and strategy – it could help any business person in any field!

– Kate Glasser
Closet Sessions

“Thank you for everything!”

I was looking to have a better mindset with money and Kate really inspired me after seeing her speak and doing tapping when she was the keynote speaker at an event I attended.

In a very short time, from our work together I have seen my self-esteem change, I have been more open to confrontation when it comes to finances and even in my personal life to know my worth and I truly appreciate Kate for that! I have also been able to charge what I’m worth and as a result, attract a new level of clientele into my business. Kate is very personable and really cares about her clients. She makes you feel right at home when you’re chatting and always checks in throughout the call to make sure you are understanding what she saying and she’s always realistic with you to see things from a different perspective!

– Jaclyn Zukerman

“When the “Conversations to Clients” method emerged, I knew it was brilliant…”

When I started working with Kate, I immediately knew she had a very unique expertise and background. She could quickly get to the bottom of exactly why someone was not getting results with their sales conversations and how to ‘fix’ it! When the “Conversations to Clients” method emerged, I knew it was brilliant and was going to help many business owners to stop the struggle with getting clients. Here’s the most critical part of Kate’s approach. You can be doing all kinds of marketing and sales activities, but the moment a potential client is in front of you it’s easy to let your own sh*t get in the way. Kate’s method goes to the root of the issue and you experience amazing and permanent transformation. It should be part of every entrepreneurial course out there!

– Milana Leshinsky

“I manifested my trip to Italy which has been on my bucket list forever….”

I took Kate Beeders’ Quick Cash Infusion course, and it helped me manifest a trip to Italy, which has been on my bucket list forever, but I never seemed to get around to updating my passport because I was too busy! I’m a techie person, so I really wasn’t sure about the law of attraction and vision boards, but Kate convinced me to make one and write my vision statement daily.

I’m so excited to share that I manifested my trip to Italy. I was waiting for my business to make enough money to me to feel comfortable enough to go on my honeymoon even though I had been married for almost a year and a half, but with Kate’s Quick Cash Infusion course, not only did I make as much in my business as I ever have in a month in January 2017, it was the exact amount I needed for my dream vacation with my husband. Thank you, Kate!

– Gina Noel Decker

“Working with Kate has been an amazing secret weapon.

Working with Kate has been an amazing secret weapon. She helped me to understand how taking better care of myself could lead to so much more in my business and my life. Now I understand where my cravings come from and can have the space to make a decision that works for me instead of just giving in to something that feels beyond my control. Kate is wise, patient and truly gifted at what she does. You would be silly to not take advantage of the gifts that she offers.

– Monica Shah
Money and Marketing Expert

“If you’re looking to grow your business then Kate Beeders is the coach for you.”

What a gift it is to find a coach who has extensive knowledge in the business world and is an expert tapping coach. If you’re looking to grow your business then Kate Beeders is the coach for you.

– Jessica Ortner

“Kate is a powerful and inspiring person.”

Kate is a powerful and inspiring person. She has used her techniques to change her life dramatically, and she can do the same for you. I highly recommend her!

– Sandra Anne Taylor
NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of QUANTUM SUCCESS
Hay House Author/Radio Show Host


"Revenue is up more than 50% from last year at this time."

I joined the Brilliance Coaching Program because I wanted to earn more money AND work fewer hours each week so that I had more time to spend with my family. I knew that I couldn't make the changes I needed to make on my own - without a coach to help me I would continue to wear myself into the ground! I met Kate and was immediately drawn to her style of coaching and inspired by the results she produces.

Revenue is up more than 50% from last year at this time, and I am on track to meet my income goals AND achieve the work/life balance I have been striving for. I recommend working with Kate to everyone I know who is looking to get unstuck in their business FAST!

– Leise Jones

“I raised my prices 100%!”

When I first worked with Kate I was stuck with pricing, finding my focus, and growing my business.

I raised my prices 100%, I bought an office, I grew a team, I developed more systems for my business, and I created packages. In addition, I am a person that loves to present to audiences but never really had a system to my presentations, all I knew they were good and people liked them. Then I learned how to create a signature talk and I can say it has been a game changer for my business.

Kate has a loving and warm community of entrepreneurs.

Honestly, an investment in Kate is a lifelong investment in support. Yes, she will produce quick results, and yes, she has the knowledge to up level your business, but her community she fosters is incredible.

I would highly recommend Kate to anyone that wants to enjoy being an entrepreneur.

– Brandy Sales


“I manifested $5200 within a month of beginning the Quick Cash Infusion Course.”

I was attracted to the Quick Cash Infusion Course because I wanted to learn about what was keeping me from the money I knew I was capable of making, and how to attract more.

I decided to manifest the $5200 I needed for registration, materials and travel to attend a training that would support me to build my online course. I manifested this within a month of beginning the Quick Cash Infusion Course. So I’m working on a second Quick Cash Infusion and am already a third of the way with a month to go before my deadline. I’m feeling confident.

I now know that I can have whatever I want, and that I can have it without sacrificing myself, my relationships or my ethics. This course and Kate’s help has helped me open up the world.

– Kirstin Lund

“I would recommend the BRILLIANCE Coaching Program™ to anyone.”

I’ve recently joined Kate’s BRILLIANCE Coaching Program™ and am very pleased to share how happy I am that I did.  I knew that I needed help and wanted to create a support system to aid me on my journey to success and fulfillment.  I was not doing as well as I knew was possible while I was struggling on my own.

My experience at the Group Live Intensive was excellent. I knew in my heart when I met the other women in the group with Kate as our mentor  that this time I can do it.

I had tried other systems and failed and was a little scared to try again.  Now that I have had the experience of the group and seen the power of it and felt it I am more sure of everything and I would recommend BRILLIANCE Coaching Program to anyone. I appreciate all that Kate has done to bring us all together and how she guides us and lets the group work its magic as well.  This is an art and it is brilliant.  Thank you Kate Beeders!!!

– Colleen Sonmor

“Working with Kate privately helped me stay focused, calm and in control so I was able to have the events be a 6-figure success.”

Having a successful coaching business brings it share of successes and challenges, including the planning and hosting of my large 3 day workshops. Working with Kate privately helped me stay focused, calm and in control so I was able to have the events be a 6-figure success. My business has grown to an even higher level, and I’m very appreciative of the support and positive changes that Kate’s coaching provided.

– Robert Notter

“I booked my first client at the new rate.”

After some gentle (and some not-so-gentle) nudging to raise my rates, which I had not done in a few years, I finally did so – practically doubling them. This definitely challenged some beliefs I was holding onto, including the fear that no one would pay that much. Even though I know how to tap, some things are best done with professional assistance. Within a few hours of tapping with Kate, I booked my first client at the new rate. As I don’t believe in coincidences, I’m inclined to call Kate Beeders a miracle worker. Thank you, Kate!”

– Brad Yates

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*Please note that individual results can vary.