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FREE Stress Reduction Mediation Audio
A calming audio to help your mind and body relax.


There are lots of different ways to get mentorship and guidance to grow your business. One of them is to work at your own pace through an online program. In all of my courses, you will find a combination of mindset (tapping, laws of attraction and neuroscience) and marketing support to help you reach your goals.

Go Or Don’t Go: The Complete Guide To Accelerate Your Success And Tap Into Your Brilliance

Every day, we’re asked to make decisions in a nanosecond that affect our lives. Often, we get scared and stop ourselves from moving forward. This happens so quickly, we’re usually not aware what’s going on. Instead, we rationalize why we are playing it safe and wonder why our dreams don’t come true.

At least 70 percent of our daily actions are the same ones we took yesterday and will be the same ones we take tomorrow. Until you do something different, you’ll never get different results. In Go or Don’t Go, Kate Beeders will teach you everything you need to finally have the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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The BRILLIANT Success Journal

Do you ever get frustrated because you’re not able to accomplish what you want each day?

Instead, you notice that you’re easily distracted and overwhelmed. When that happens, like most of us, you’ll find a reason to procrastinate. As a result, all of those dreams and visions you have for your life become a distant memory and become harder to reach.

I’m excited to share with you the BRILLIANT SUCCESS JOURNAL that I use every day. This planner gives me the clarity and focus I need to go through each day completing what’s most important in a much easier manner than I’ve ever experienced.

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The Winning Way

The Winning Way is Kate’s best-selling book where she is a featured contributing author with Brian Tracy. In this book, the world’s leading entrepreneurs and professionals share how they are winning in life and business and how you can too! This book was so well received that it instantly became a best seller and Kate was honored by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

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Quick Cash Infusion™ Home Study

Are you tired of making decisions based on your bank account?

There are always situations and work/life events when something comes up and you need to manifest money… FAST.

Learn Kate’s top techniques that will work over and over again for you for those inevitable times when you need money for unplanned expenses, additional resources, or even a spur-of-the-moment vacation.

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Conversations to Clients™ Online Course

Hate having sales conversations?? Dread hearing “no?” Feel a little…icky when you have to ask for the money? If you’ve convinced yourself that sales are hard or that you just aren’t good at them, I can change your mind (and your results!)

Conversations to Clients is enrolling right now, and if you are struggling to make money doing what you love, or have wasted money on sales scripts that never worked, this is for you.
The truth is, the scripts you may have tried already probably didn’t work because they relied on generic, cookie cutter marketing which does nothing to empower you or your client. This program is different than what you’ve seen because it was created to help you find and lead from your purpose. You DO have one, we WILL find it, and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you’re able to fill your programs and LOVE doing it!

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The most important thing any entrepreneur can do is to make sure that they have a strong foundation for their business. Whether you’re a newbie looking to bring in consistent income or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to up-level, you need this. Without a strong foundation in place, your business will fall flat, tip over or crumble. The stronger your foundation, the less you’ll feel overwhelm and stress and the easier it will be for you to accelerate your success!

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Rapid Cash & Success System™ Home Study

Is your business foundation strong enough to support growth?
Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned entrepreneur, being stuck in one of these areas will stop you from achieving all that you want:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • How to attract more ideal clients
  • Negative money stories and beliefs
  • Low self-confidence

Learn how to overcome the 5 major blocks that every entrepreneur struggles with so you can up-level quickly.

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Rapid Revenue Formula™ Home Study

Rapid Revenue Formula™ Home Study was created to help entrepreneurs with one of the biggest problems they face in their business: “how to charge what they’re worth.”

This course focus will help you stop “under-earning” by teaching you the action steps and mindset shifts needed to charge what you’re worth!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to attract ideal clients who are more than willing to pay your fees
  • How to have those “money” conversations you’ve been avoiding
  • How to stop giving away your services and instead collect the cash you deserve
  • How to break the cycle of undervaluing your services
  • And, much more

Want more ideal clients to say YES? Learn all the steps of the sales conversation, from A to Z, and watch your income double or even triple, from following this proven process.

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