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Sometimes, I just hate her!!!  How can I hate someone who is helping me…I guess it’s just that love/hate thing 🙂    IMG_3187

I talk a lot about “Success On Your Own Terms” which to me includes balance in your life.  As the days started getting longer, it was time for me to put my money where my mouth is and sign up for a special “kick butt” boot camp at my gym.  I figured the hardest part would be getting there…boy, was I wrong.

Seriously, look at the picture and what kind of thoughts does that crazy piece of equipment bring up for you?  It looks like a torture chamber!  All I wanted to do was lose 5 pounds.

The hardest part for me is the push ups, sit ups, and a stupid little exercise where we have to jump from side to side over a rope.  My trainer, Courtney, comes up with these die-hard exercises that you..well, just hate her for.  The jumping thing really killed me.  We were teamed up in pairs.  The woman in front of me, Ally, and I were supposed to jump back and forth over this rope for 60 seconds.  I kept tripping on the rope and getting it out of alignment which screwed things up for Ally (thank you, Ally, for not getting annoyed).

Courtney laughs when we say we “hate her” because, deep down, she knows we really love her and are glad she’s challenging us, helping us get stronger and fitter.  There were a few times when I was thinking of what excuse I could come up with to suddenly leave the class?  Perhaps, an emergency email that needed to be taken care of?  Or a call I forgot to make?  But, I’m not a quitter – especially when I’ve invested in something (and in myself).   I found a way to shift my mindset to think about how happy I will be when I see the results from attending this class.

I had this big “aha” in today’s class.  I was feeling a bit out of place compared to the other’s in the class as they seemed stronger than me.  But, then Courtney said to me that we’re going to work on strengthening your muscles.  All of a sudden, I felt much stronger and it felt easier to push through the exercise.   Does that sound familiar to you ?

The new stuff always feels challenging.  It’s exciting…but it’s also a muscle that we’re not used to using.   That’s the part that’s scary for us.  We’re wondering if we can ever get there.  Just like I wonder if I can do push up after push up compared to the others in the class.  When you know you have someone there to support, encourage and teach you it makes all of the difference.   It reminded me of how I feel when I work with my business coach.

When I first started holding workshops I had a handful of people attend in a room over a big, noisy gym.  That was scary at first…wondering if IMG_3186people would show up?…would they like what I had to teach them?..and all of those other fears that would pop up.  Now, I’m planning a tour to several cities and a big (I mean BIG) event this July.  I didn’t know several years ago that the workshop was a form of training for taking me here.  Just like right now, the gym class is training me to be even fitter and healthier.

So, next time you’re feel challenged about doing something new, think about a time that had that same feeling but pushed through it.   You were able to work through your fears and doubts and complete what you needed to.  If you did it before, you can do it again.  

By the way, that’s Courtney and I at the end of class.  She’s actually very nice and I am happy that I made it through class 🙂

Be Brilliant,





Kate Beeders

Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert

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