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There’s a song I love from one of my new favorite musicals, “Anybody Have A Map” from the Tony Winner “Dear Evan Hansen”.  

This is the chorus:

“Does anybody have a map?                                

Anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this?

I don’t know if you can tell

But this is me just pretending to know

So, where is the map?

I need a clue

Cuz the scary truth is

I’m flying blind

And I’m making this up as I go.”


Listen to the song, sing along, and tell me if you’ve ever felt this way? 

Don’t you sometimes wish that someone would just give you a map with all of the answers?

That would take the guess-work out of life and avoid making costly mistakes.

Being transparent, that’s how I sometimes feel taking care of my girl, Cali.  Taking care of a 15-year-old dog takes on a life up on its own. It’s time-consuming, requires lots of specialists, and more TLC than you can imagine.  Honestly, I don’t regret one minute of it.  I would spend any amount of money to keep my girl happy and healthy.  The hard part is making the decisions.  Some are easier than others.  Surgery or rehab? Rehab, in this case, as surgery is not ideal for a 15-year-old.  Pet sitter or do it all myself?  (the recent pet-sitter I found flaked out on me last minute).  Go to the ER or wait and see how she’s doing?  And so on.  Sometimes, the decisions happen daily and other times weekly.  Hence, the life of a senior dog and her mom (me). 

I don’t know all of the right answers.  Do you?

I make my decisions based on what the experts advise and what my heart and intuition tell me to do.  The experts have years of experience.  No one knows Cali better than I do.

There isn’t always a right or wrong. Most of the time, it comes down to making a decision and feeling confident that it is the right choice.   Whether it’s in life, business or taking care of a loved one.

Letting go. 

It feels good to admit that I don’t always know the answer.  It takes a lot of the pressure off of myself to feel perfect in this area.

My coaches have been super supportive during this time and helping me make sure I take care of me. As the former flight attendant in me would say, “put the oxygen mask on yourself first.”  Today, I joined a new gym.  Not for the treadmills or ellipticals (although, I will be getting my cardio workout in) but for the classes.  I wanted experiences to slow me down and help me be more present.  I’ll be attending classes such as T’ai Chi and restorative yoga, and am super excited. 

I’m making a point in my life to continue to choose me.  This mindset gives me more energy to propel and excel in other areas of my life. 

Choose you.



Kate Beeders

The Breakthrough Success Expert


P.S.  Please post below and tell me if you’ve ever wished for a map? 

P.P.S.  I may not be an expert in taking care of senior dogs. However, I am an expert in helping people break through to their next level of success.  Learn more at http://katebeeders.com