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In a recent coaching call, a client of mine, “Alicia,” shared how something upsetting had happened in her personal life.  She was trying to do her best to cope but was understandably shaken up and not sure what to do.  Alicia alternated between feeling scared, anger, and confusion. 

These are all typical emotions when we experience problems in our life.                        

We’re scared about what the future holds.

We’re angry at others for what we perceive as their part in the problem.

We’re angry at ourselves for not having done better.

We’re confused as to what to do next. 

Then, what typically happens next is we go into our story.  We tell ourselves how this “always” happens and how life isn’t “fair.”  How this always happens to “us” and not to “others.”

Sound familiar (if you’re willing to admit it)?

When we go into our story, we’re causing ourselves the most damage.  That’s because we give away our power to something/someone else instead of coming from a place of power. 

When you give away your power, you don’t make the best decisions for yourself.  That’s because you’re typically coming from a place of fear and weakness.  Often, if this goes on too long and happens too often, you may spiral downwards. Then, your story becomes even more potent to you. 

Some people (maybe you even know some of them) prefer to keep their story as it has become their identity.  And that topic is for another article. 

Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

However, when you learn how to ground yourself, you’re able to come from a place of power.  To take that space and decide what’s the best solution in this situation.  

That’s what Alicia was able to do during her coaching call.  She was able to ground and get a new perspective on how she wanted to solve this problem.  It was an idea that hadn’t come to her previously.

Next time you have an unexpected problem pop up, take the time and space to ground yourself. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity of looking at it now with fresh eyes.  Learning to facilitate this process is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 

Be Brilliant,



Kate Beeders

The Breakthrough Success Expert

P.S.  Grounding yourself is one of the empowering tools I have ever learned.  I teach it to my clients, which is one of the reasons they have expedited growth.  If you’re ready to learn how (and want to hire a coach- that’s me!), email my team to get going.