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 What is one of the most common complaints most solopreneurs come to me with?  Take a guess….it’s about the money they are earning.   I hear this from 6-figure solopreneurs and from those just starting their business.  Being that this is such a prevalent topic, 

I recently held a brand-new webinar, “Ultimate Success Solutions:  4 Keys to Break Through Your Financial Glass Ceiling”,    I was not surprised with how many people signed up, as this is an issue near and dear to so many solopreneurs.  It’s important whether they need the money to pay bills, grow their business or go on vacation.  It’s important whether they spend the money, donate it to a cause or start an organization.  It’s important if that money helps them feel validated – that what they are doing is important. 

The first step, I shared is how important it is to have an Ultimate Success statement.  Now, some of you reading this may be thinking that you already have heard this before and have written one.  (if that’s the case, I would ask you if your statement has come true ?  If not, stick with me as I will teach you how to have Ultimate Success in both your business and personal life) . 

Here’s an Ultimate Success statement I wrote for the webinar:

“I am helping lots ideal clients in my business and being paid handsomely for my expertise.  This Ultimate Success comes to me quickly and easily.  It allows me to work the hours I want, and have time for my friends, family and my personal interests.  I have lots of joy, confidence and freedom in my life.  I wake up each day smiling, enjoying my journey and knowing I always have more than enough for whatever I need and want”

When I work individually with solopreneurs, we’ll tailor their statement to meet exactly what they want.  It’s important to realize that all of us have our own ideas of what success looks like to us. 

Now, as you look at your Ultimate Success statement, I would ask you to write a list of why you don’t have that yet in your business.  Here are a few areas to start with to see if they apply:

1)    You don’t know how to attract ideal clients

2)    You don’t think you’re good enough to have Ultimate Success

3)    It’s impossible to have all you want in this economy (or at your age, or your location, etc)

4)    There’s too much competition

5)    You’re uncomfortable talking about money

6)    Add your own beliefs that “pop” up

 The only way you can have the Ultimate Success you want, is to clear out those beliefs and get into “right” action.  If you feel the time is right for you and you’re ready to get your expertise out in a much bigger way (whether you’ve been in business for awhile – or are just starting), I want to personally invite you to the Ultimate Success Solutions Workshop:  How to Earn ALL that You Want.


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When you attend, this is what you will learn:

1) Release old money stories that are holding you back so you become comfortable with financial success.  (otherwise, you’ll repel money and never have enough)

2) Get into “right” action by managing your procrastination so you can reach your goals.  (How many times have you started to do something, but days, weeks, months…maybe even years have gone by.  And, before you know it, your procrastination monster will win again, and your dreams slip away) 

3) Balance work and personal life (this is one of the reasons I wanted my own business.  What’s the point of having a lot of success if you’re always working and don’t have time for the people you love and activities you enjoy?)

4) Develop more self-confidence so your inner & outer values are aligned.  (How you see yourself is how your (potential) clients will see you.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect your clients to believe in you) 

5) Business Development, Tapping (EFT) & Laws of Attraction Exercises

6) Checklists, templates & hotseats!

7) And, so much more!!!

Seating is limited at this exclusive 2-day workshop, so you want to get your ticket NOW, before we’re sold out!


Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders

*Please post your comments below sharing what you want your Ultimate Success to look like.