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Why “They” Say No

I almost titled this article “why you say no” as it’s the same reasons.   quiz

Think about when you’re making the “sales calls” to get clients.  That’s an important foundation of your business.  Things are going great during the call, you’re making a terrific connection,  but you notice you’re getting a lot of “no’s”.  That can be discouraging, frustrating and at times, even scary.  You keep wondering “why won’t they yes and sign up“?

You know you have the perfect solution for the person you’re talking to.  You have the perfect way to help them lose weight, brand their business, make more money, raise their children, find a partner…whatever it is you do….but they still say “no” to you.

Why are they not investing?

Think about when you say “no”.  What are the most common reasons?  It’s really no different.  You are typically your “ideal” client.  

Here’s what you might use as an objection.

Excuse #1: You can’t afford it.  But the big question, to go even deeper, is can you not afford to do it?  If this is the right time and it needs to be done, you must find a way to make it happen.   (Definition of right time:  there will be a financial or emotional penalty to not doing this now)  Whether it’s borrowing money, cutting back on other expenses, getting a loan or bringing in more business.

Excuse #2:  You don’t have time.  My question back to you is where can you make the time.  If this is really important to you, then you will need to re-arrange your schedule, prioritize, hire support or delegate some of your work load to give you more time.

Excuse #3:   You have to talk to your partner.  This is a question more so for my female readers.   Does your partner really “get” what it means to be an entrepreneur?  I find that with most of my clients, their partner is often not as supportive as they’d like that person to be.  And, remember, the old joke,  men don’t ask for directions.   That means that they don’t understand why you need to hire someone to help you, when they would just figure it out themselves (even if they do drive around lost for hours).

Excuse #4:  You don’t know if this will really help you.  This is a biggie and actually a two part excuse.  The first is that you may have tried to get support in this area in the past and it didn’t work.  As a result, you have some fears around hiring resources again.   To help you get past that, look at what part you owned in not getting the results you wanted.

Maybe you didn’t speak up?

Maybe you didn’t do the work?

Maybe you didn’t make it a priority?

If something didn’t get you the results you wanted, you are also responsible.

The other obstacle for this objection is   (this can be really huge), you’re afraid of what that change might really mean. 

Some of you are more than ready for change, but there’s an even larger population of people that deep down are much more comfortable staying exactly where they are.

What would happen if you did lose that weight?

What would happen if you did find that “perfect” partner?

What would happen if you did make more money and have the success you’ve been dreaming of?

The possibility of that happening scares you down to your very core! 

success1Those fears can scare you into not doing anything.   When the fears are in charge, nothing will change.  You may have some days, weeks or months of headway, but you’ll slip right back to where things were before.

As you see, you’re no different than the clients you talk to on the phone.  The choice is really yours if you want to stay stuck.  But, I would highly suggest to you that what you’re doing is exactly what you’re attracting back into your business.  That’s how the Laws of Attraction work.  You are a magnet.  What do you want to attract?

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Be Brilliant,

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Kate Beeders

Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert

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