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eventWhen I worked in Corporate, we always had an annual event in another state.  All 5 offices of my company would come together for these 2 days.  They would have a motivational speaker for us to listen to.  Once,  it was someone from Dale Carnegie (How to Influence People and Win Friends).   I won the first prize contest which was a beautiful, fancy pen given with the purpose to sign future big commission checks.

The officers of the company would talk about the past year and plans for the future.  Lots of “rah-rah” and drinking the company “kool-aid”.

But, ultimately, this was just a big party.  That night, all of the younger assistants and employees would drink way too much and barely be able to get out of bed to attend the second day of meetings.  They’d show up late, looking very green around the gills, and get teased for several days afterwards.  That description was typical for most company events.

Imagine, my surprise when I attended my first big event for entrepreneurs after I started my business.  Wow!   It was held in a gorgeous hotel, an agenda packed full of fantastic content and in a room filled with like-minded entrepreneurs.  I thought I died and went to heaven.  Everything was wonderful.

It took every penny I had to go …airplane ticket to travel 3000 miles, sharing a hotel room with someone I had never met before, and the ticket to the event.  It was so worth it.

Within a few weeks of the event, I actually made 4 times what my investment was to attend.  Just by going, I up-leveledmoney1 my business. Seriously!

Here’s how I did that:

1).  Learned an enormous amount of fantastic content that I could use in my business.  I took lots of notes, asked questions and prioritized what was important for me.

2)  Met an amazing group of like-minded entrepreneurs – many which I still connect with regularly today.  Almost three years later, we’re still supporting each other – both personally and professionally.

3) Surrounded myself in amazing energy and removed myself from my day-to-day stuff.  There’s something about being away from my office and in a new environment.   I put on my “out-of-office” responder to my emails and really was present for this experience.  Sharing  tips, struggles, camaraderie and so much more with others.  Just being with people for several days who speak your language…that you don’t have to explain about “lists” and “preview calls” and “teleseminars” is really, really nice.

4) Very quickly, I put in practice the top things I learned in that event when I went home.  I realized I was undervaluing my services and immediately started attracting new clients at the higher investment.  It happened so quickly and naturally that I didn’t even have to think about it.

5) Most importantly, I could more clearly envision where I could go with my business.  I saw others ahead of me and it made me even more excited about creating my dream business.  To have all of this positive proof in front of me that I could have these amazing opportunities I wanted and make the money I desired was awesome (seriously, no better word for it).

verveWith all of this being said, I truly believe going to that event was the gift that kept on giving.  It was the fastest way I could have up-leveled my business.  If you’d like to experience the same in your business, I’d like to invite you to my upcoming transformational event:  Ultimate Success Solutions 2013 on September 26 & 27.  We’re over half sold out, so you’ll need to act fast and get your ticket today.


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Be Brilliant,

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Kate Beeders, Mindset & Marketing Expert


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