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Have you ever been somewhere, perhaps a restaurant or movie where a child is making a lot of noise and seems out of control, and the parent seems clueless? It can be pretty annoying, wouldn’t you agree? Well, there’s a flip side I want to share with you.

Yesterday, I was at the library, and there was a mother with two young daughters, probably aged four and six years old.  They were fighting with each other and getting quite loud.  I remember librarians not allowing people to even talk above a whisper in their “sacred space.”   Well, the mother told the girls that if they didn’t stop the fighting, they would have to leave the library immediately.  Of course, the girls continued with the noise for another 10 minutes, and the mother kept trying to reason with them.  Eventually, they found books and left. 

What struck me was less the noise but more about the broken promise.  I strongly believe in integrity and keeping one’s word.  The mother had told them what would happen if they didn’t behave, and she didn’t honor her word.  Instead, the two young girls became in charge of the situation. 

Think about in your life and business, how often you set “rules” or boundaries in your business and allow others to break them?

  • Maybe you’re allowing late payments?
  • Are you famous for giving away more service or time than was initially paid?
  • Perhaps you’re or allowing clients to contact you whenever they choose?
  • Or you allow your clients to cancel last minute?

And on the other side, if you’re the client and know these rules up front, why are you breaking them?

  • If a session is only 45 minutes, why are you still talking at an hour?
  • If a payment is due on a specific date, why aren’t you making sure if paid on time (or early)?
  • If additional services are required, why aren’t you offering to pay for them?
  • If you agreed to a particular service or purchase, why are you changing your mind after saying “yes”?

When you break an agreement with another person, in essence, you are canceling a contract with yourself.  That leads to low self-esteem and less confidence and ultimately, less abundance coming your way.

Be true to your word.

It’s so important to stay in integrity and keep your word.   Everything is energy.  Be respectful for whichever side you’re on.  It will come back to you ten-fold!

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