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Cali, my adorable Cairn Terrier, had emergency surgery several weeks ago. It was an extremely frightening weekend where I went non-stop without sleep, running purely on adrenaline. When her veterinarian surgeon was removing her stitches recently, he looked her straight in the eye and kept telling her how “brave” she was. He told her that over and over again. She understood his words and didn’t flinch. Her bravery made the process a lot easier.

The definition in the dictionary for “brave” is “showing courage”. Cali’s courage got me thinking. Why isn’t “brave” a typical way we describe ourselves? Think about it…how do you typically describe yourself? Write down the word that comes to mind. Some examples:

  • Smart?
  • Procrastinator?
  • Unfocused?
  • Hyper?
  • In action?
  • Creative?
  • Scared?

And, how do you want to be seen? Write that down too. Some examples:

  • Successful?
  • Wealthy?
  • Sought-after?
  • Calm and in control?
  • Happy?
  • Abundant?
  • Confident?

I’d like you to add “brave” to your vocabulary. Think about when you last took a risk. It doesn’t matter if it worked out or didn’t work out. You stepped outside your comfort zone and tried something new. You took new action regardless of the outcome. That makes you brave. Write down what you did that was brave.

When was the last time you asked for something that you needed? When you spoke your truth? Maybe you got what you requested…maybe you didn’t. You verbalized what was important to you. You were brave. Write down what you spoke up about.

How about the last time you did something that’s outside of what your crowd typically do? Maybe, you tried a new restaurant, evening activity, sports activity or such. Venturing out on your own and disregarding other’s approval makes you brave. Write down what you did to step outside the crowd.

Being brave is important to you if you want to accelerate your success.  Every time you step outside of your “norm” and try something new you are strengthening your confidence muscle.

And what happens when you’re more confident?

  • You can charge what you’re worth! (ask for and receive it!)
  • You can up-level your business! (whatever that next step is that you’re longing for)
  • You can approach others for new opportunities! (you take the first step instead of waiting for someone to approach you)
  • You can set boundaries! (choose how or when you work)
  • What else? (what have you been dreaming of?)

If you could increase your confidence, what outcome would be the most significant for you and your business? It’s a critical question whose answer will make a huge difference for you. Write down the answer, be brave and go for it!.

Be Brilliant,


P.S. None of us can breakthrough our inner glass ceilings alone. If you’re ready to hire a mentor, let’s set up a time to talk. Contact my team to schedule a time.