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 Have you ever experienced a great idea that just popped in your head and then stood back and thought to yourself, “Wow!  That was amazing! That was sheer genius!”
What you’re saying is so powerful that it magnetizes everyone around and they want to learn more. You’re on a high feeling fabulous and proud.  Until…
Until the fears, doubts, old stories start popping up, punching holes in what you just said.
Maybe you ask yourself:
•  What if this wasn’t a great idea?
•  How will I ever deliver?
•  What if I (or this) doesn’t live up to others’ expectations?
•  What if I fail?
And, so…you stop yourself.  You tell yourself that was a moment of brilliance, but it’s not enough to be successful. You talk yourself out of it and decide not to move forward. It feels safer that way.
And just like that, in possibly a nano-second, you blew out the flame of your brilliance.
I want to challenge you.  It’s time for you to have a mindset reframe.
What if that idea you shared was part of your authentic brilliance?  And, what if you have lots more brilliance to share?
Brilliance is when you show up as your confident, powerful self, doing things aligned to who you are and appreciated by those around you.  And, most importantly, you enjoy it!
What if your brilliance is your natural state?  But you’ve created a sabotaging habit (without realizing it) to hide your brilliance.  After all, it’s safer and more comfortable to stay the same and play a small game.  As a result, you’ve forgotten who you are and haven’t allowed your “superpower” to grow and expand.
Your challenge now is to extend your time in your brilliance.  Take notice of how you feel when you’re in the flow of your brilliance.
Here are some tips and tricks to use to increase your time in your brilliance:
1.  Fake it until you make it (enough said)
2.  Power poses (think of your favorite superhero)
3.  Journal (write from your brilliant self’s perspective)
4.  Visualization (see yourself as brilliant)
5.  Surround yourself with people who appreciate your brilliance
Need help?  We all do.
If you’ve already tried to make a change and are still having trouble, let me help you move forward through private coaching. We’ll clear out the blocks holding you back and get you the clarity you need to quickly move to your next level of success (and happiness). Please schedule a time for a quick chat or contact my team.

Be Brilliant,



Kate Beeders

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