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Most people would probably agree that setting goals are easier than achieving them. It can get pretty frustrating when there’s something you want and you can’t make it happen.
There’s a lot of reasons why this happens. The number #1 reason is: Conflicting Intentions.
Here’s how it works. Susan, an attorney in a fast-paced law firm, is on track for partnership but doesn’t get promoted. While Susan wants the recognition and rewards of being part of a reputable firm, she is afraid she’ll end up working even more hours than she already does. When she is bypassed for promotion, she feels a renewed need to prove her worth. She’s on a fast-track going nowhere.
Or, Janet, once a successful entrepreneur who now has lots of mom and homeschooling duties. While a part of her is fulfilled being able to spend quality time with her children, the other part gets a sinking feeling when she watches her beloved business disappearing. Janet feels alone in this tug-of-war, not knowing the answer to her dilemma. She thinks everyone else is winning but her.
Here’s how it stops you.
Picture someone tugging on your left arm and someone else tugging on your right arm. You’re not going anywhere unless one person is stronger than the other. Likewise, if you want two different things, you’re most likely going to end up staying put. That’s because you have two conflicting intentions that will sabotage your success.
Ask yourself: 
• How do you feel about your goal? (Emotions don’t lie)
• What are your expectations about reaching this goal? (If you believe it won’t come true, then it won’t)
Because everything is energy, whatever intention pulls the strongest is where you’ll land. Be deliberate about what intentions get your most effort, and work to shift your mindset. Let your intentions confidently guide you to reaching your goal successfully.
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Kate Beeders
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