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Have you noticed that your memory isn’t quite what it used to be? You might be forgetting things, such as people’s names and conversations. Maybe you’re typing the wrong keys on the keyboard. And, trying to grasp specific words you want to use seems impossible. Perhaps, even forgetting computer passwords. Or you’re putting your keys in the refrigerator instead of the drawer where they belong.
Plus, your social skills have changed. There’s too much stimulation!
With all of this going on, you might even be thinking you’re getting early-onset dementia.
Well, I have good and bad news for you.
In April of 2020, I remember asking my neuroscience professor how covid would affect our brains. At that time, as a neuroscientist, she said it was too early to predict. So, initially, she didn’t know if covid would have a lasting effect.
Two years later, things have certainly changed. The pandemic has affected our brain.
Whether or not you’ve had covid, long covid, or not sure if you did (as you didn’t have significant physical symptoms), you may be experiencing changes in your brain. Technically, from all of the stress, uncertainty, change, and isolation we’ve encountered in the last few years, we (and our brains) are traumatized. When that happens, we experience a “foggy” brain. Similar side effects can often occur when we go through the initial stages of grief. Essentially, the pandemic has been a prolonged grief experience for many (that’s a subject for another article).
I experienced a “foggy” brain when my first Dad passed away.
I had difficulty focusing on things. I especially noticed it when I tried to read. I love to read- I’m an avid reader, yet I found focusing on anything more than a few paragraphs, I couldn’t concentrate. I felt more tired than usual. Fortunately, these symptoms dissipated over time with extra care and TLC.
As brain fog is so prevalent these days, I’m sharing some resources below to help you through these challenging times.
Here are a few suggestions: 
Pick one or two of these to start. Then, keep adding on to your self-care as you’re able:
-Regularly participate in stress reduction activities, like meditation, tapping, yoga
Eat healthy (the Mediterranean diet is highly recommended for anti-aging)  
-Reduce your sugar intake wherever possible. Sugar can play havoc on your brain.
-Get your 8 hours of sleep daily 
-Try out brain games, such as wordle 
-Watch/read/listen to less news. Set a specific time of day to get your news instead of constantly being bombarded with it. The headlines can be very stress provoking 
-Eliminate your time on social media. Stop zoning out and blitzing television series.
-Create time for more connections 
-Exercise daily in whatever form you like. Walk, run, swim, hike, do yoga, go to the gym – do what makes you happy
-Cut down on alcoholic consumption
-Supplements can be helpful(ask your doctor for recommendations)
-See your doctor or any specialist/therapist needed to help you feel better. Or get a coach 
Above all, be compassionate to yourself. We’re going through an experience like no other.
If you’re an avid reader like me, here are a few articles on the subject:
The good news is that you can help to change some of the effects of the pandemic on your brain.
Whether or not you are personally experiencing a “foggy” brain, your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors might be. Be kind to all.
If you need help via private/executive coaching or a workshop for your company, reach out. My favorite methods for faster results are mindset techniques (tapping, neuroscience, and other resources I’m an expert in) and the appropriate strategies.
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