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Speaking on stages and attending events all over North America, I regularly hear “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the money right now.”  These comments come from the same people who wonder why things aren’t changing fast enough and why they aren’t having more business success.  

Here’s the connection.  

Saying you don’t have the money used to be a very acceptable excuse for the middle class.  You could just tell someone you couldn’t afford it and they would leave you alone.  End of story.   

But you’re the main character in your story.  So you can’t keep saying you “can’t afford” something and expect your circumstances to change.  You can’t keep using the words “struggle”, “hardship” and others like that and expect abundance to knock on your door.  

The problem is that when you use that excuse over and over again, you are staying in the story (and in that identity) that you don’t have the money.   Keep following me on this…when you become the person who doesn’t have the money, that becomes your identity.  The way the Laws of Attraction work is that you can’t be the person who doesn’t have the money and be the person who is attracting lots of abundance.  It’s either one or the other.  

What do you choose?  

If you’re choosing to stay in your story about not having money…my question for you is “why”? Maybe we need to have a conversation about that.  

If you’re choosing to be that person who wants to create more abundance in their life, awesome! Here are three powerful strategies to change your life. 

  1. Do you happily pay your bills…or do you get frustrated, angry, or upset when sending payments?  Here’s something to think about.  Anyone you are sending a payment to actually took a chance on you.  They gave you a service, product, etc. and in return they expect to be compensated.  For example, maybe someone rented you an apartment which in turn gave you a home…they deserve to be compensated.  Or, in another example, you hire a resource to help you grow your business, they deserve to be compensated.  They believed in you and gave you credit.So, instead of being annoyed when it’s time to pay the bill, what you need to do is to silently or aloud say “thank you” for providing that service/product.  Bless them. Thank them.If you don’t like that product/service, then you need to have a conversation with the provider.  If you “don’t pay them”, that definitely stops abundance from coming back into your life.  You know how “karma” works!
  2. Instead of automatically responding that you can’t afford something…what if instead you asked yourself (from a place of curiosity) where you could find the money for it?  It doesn’t commit you to that item, however, it does allow you to be open to creating the possibility.  That action allows you to move into a place of power and confidence instead of one of weakness and victim.  That’s a huge shift for what you can manifest into your life.
  3. Think carefully of which words you use on a regular basis.  Words like “struggle” totally deplete you and shift your neuro-science and body chemistry downwards.  I’m not saying that you’re magically going to be jumping for joy about everything.  Even a slight shift upwards gets you moving in the right direction. Try it today!

Ultimately, it’s your choice how you want to show up in this world.  Powerful and confident or weak and victim-like.  

What do you choose?

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

Tap into Your Zone of Brilliance and Breakthrough Your Financial Glass Ceiling

P.S. Learning how to do this was so huge for me and I didn’t do it alone.  I had a coach and invested in myself.  It was so critical for me to make that change. If you’re looking to hire support to make this next step easier, let’s set up a time to talk.