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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

I want you to think about how and when you’re stopping yourself from reaching your goals.  

Melanie, a five-year seasoned entrepreneur, had decided she wanted to double her income this year.  When she saw it was taking her longer than she hoped to see results, she told herself, “why bother.”   Melanie remembered all of the times she had unfulfilled dreams.  Year after year, she felt as if she was losing out.  She started feeling sorry for herself and even freaked out a bit as she didn’t think things would ever turn around for her.  Melanie figured this was just another example of how things don’t work out for her.  She started to believe doubling her income was a foolish dream that would never come true for her.  

Dana also wanted to double her income this year.  She put strategies in place and did the work. Bam!  Her income started to grow until it stopped.  Here’s what happened. Dana started to get uncomfortable with this new level of income.  People commented on her new level of success. She was afraid this new prosperity wouldn’t last and was scared of being uncovered as an “imposter”.  Dana was so used to not having a lot of money that this new level of abundance simply freaked her out.  Dana stopped following the strategies that had been working and her income quickly declined to her comfort level.

In both cases, these women sabotaged their own success.  

Melanie sabotaged to the left and Dana sabotaged to the right.

What are you doing each day to your dreams? 

Are you telling yourself the process is taking too long and you never get what you want?

Are you telling yourself that it won’t last and that you don’t deserve it?

In both cases, there’s the theme of worthiness, which is one of the most significant core issues most people have. Until you do the work to start believing your worthiness, you won’t have the success and happiness you desire.  

Start to make that change today! 

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Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Success Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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Do you ever get frustrated because you’re not able to accomplish what you want each day?

Instead, you notice that you’re easily distracted and overwhelmed. When that happens, like most of us, you’ll find a reason to procrastinate. As a result, all of those dreams and visions you have for your life become a distant memory and become harder to reach.

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