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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

Amanda Gorman, the young poet laureate who spoke at the Presidential Inauguration, blew me away. She was eloquent, assertive, and confident. Every single word was so carefully chosen. I felt an even deeper meaning underneath each word. It wasn’t a surprise to me when she talked about having a speech impediment in an interview.  Ms. Gorman shared that she wasn’t able to say her “R’s” until recently. I believe this speech impediment made her a more persuasive speaker because she put power into each word, leaving the listener wanting more.
While watching her recite her poem, who amongst us didn’t wish (for even a minute) that we had her confidence, courage, and charisma – especially at age 22?
When you were growing up, didn’t you want to fit in? Wear the same clothes as others, play the same sports and look like them? That’s what society teaches us. I remember feeling a lot of pressure to be like the others, yet I often felt so different. The truth is we all have differences, some bigger or smaller than others. We’re often embarrassed by these differences and try to hide them. But these differences are often our assets. If we bury them, we often lose that part of ourselves and don’t allow it to develop to its full potential.
What if you could learn to use your differences as your superpowers?
A few years ago, I discovered a hairstylist who was an expert in dry cuts. She used this unique technique because she didn’t have a strong enough wrist for the typical blow dry required after a haircut. Intuitively, she knew she had to uncover another skill to give her customers phenomenal results. And boy, does she deliver! One of the saddest days for me was when she left the Boston area and moved to the Midwest. If she hadn’t let her superpower shine, she would not have developed a loyal following and would have looked like everyone else.
As a young child, I heard I was too sensitive. I thought that was a bad thing and tried to hide it. I tried to toughen up which wasn’t me. Now, as a coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator, I’ve been able to let my sensitivity shine, to own it, and let it become my brilliance. Through this, I’ve developed unique mindset techniques that bring my clients huge success, at a deeper level, allowing for faster results.
If I hadn’t let my superpower shine, it would be similar to going through life blindfolded or with the loss of limbs. I wouldn’t entirely be functioning in my brilliance. This gift is what makes me shine and energizes everything I do.
What superpower do you have that you’ve been hiding? 
I challenge you to seek it out and let it shine! You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your business and/or career. It’s like going from a black and white setting to one of color. Instead of being hidden in the darkness, let the light shine on your unique talent.
Use your darkness to uncover your light and discover your distinctive strengths.
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Be Brilliant,
Kate Beeders
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