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If it’s so easy, why is it so hard?

I recently joined a new gym. One of the drawing factors was the assortment of classes, especially Tai Chi.  With all of the extra care my girl, Cali, has needed, I realized that I need to take extra care of me, so I have more to give her.

Back from my flight attendant days, it’s about putting the oxygen mask on myself first!  (Check out the fun photo of me as a flight attendant rocking my coral jumper with my Dad).     

It took me a while to remember to do this.

In my Tai Chi class this morning, it struck me so profoundly how “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” That’s a famous Laws of Attraction quote (in case you’re unfamiliar with it).  The class instructors, Paul and Rosalie DiCrecenzo, frequently mentioned the importance of being grounded and staying centered.

You see, the movement in Tai Chi is minimal and very simple.  However, it’s always challenging to learn to do it right.  I want to move too fast or lift up my heels or toes when I shouldn’t.  As Paul and Rosalie demonstrated, when I’m not balanced, it’s easy for someone (no matter their size) to knock me over.  That’s not good. 

I also need to slow down, breathe, and focus on what I’m doing. 

No multitasking.  I must be fully present to get the most out of this practice. 

Lastly, it’s necessary to watch the instructor in the beginning to learn the moves, but after that, it’s more vital that I observe myself in the mirror.  If I focus too much on them, I’ll end up doing it wrong. 

What I found so exciting and shared with them after class is that the philosophy they teach is so similar to what I teach my clients.  I stress over and over the importance of a strong foundation.  After all, you can’t add new things to your business/career and life if you aren’t grounded or centered.  You’ll end up toppling over. 

When you multi-task in your business or career, you end up working in it instead of on it.  This behavior doesn’t allow the focus to plan, strategize and be as effective as desired. 

Lastly, one of the biggest mistakes we all make is to watch and compare ourselves to others.  Yes, in the beginning, it’s essential to learn and study.  But at some point, it’s more important to start watching yourself and find resources suited best for your needs than someone else’s experience.

When I first started to give my girl all of the supplement care needed to address her health issues, I started to feel ungrounded and about to topple over.  The work required more than I ever imagined nor was prepared for. I had to work on re-grounding and strengthening my foundation to move forward.  I chose me and did the work necessary.

Now, my mantra for Cali and me is “happy and healthy.”  That’s all that’s important. It grounds me and allows me to do what needs to be done.  

Discover what grounds you.

Choose you,



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