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Sometimes being “strong” sucks. 

Recently, I had a minor accident and broke my toe.  I’m wearing a “boot” because it’s too painful to put on a shoe.  The doctor also offered me crutches (no thanks! Hurts my underarms too much and in the snow, they’d be a disaster!) or a cane (I wouldn’t know how to use one!).  I went for the path of least resistance.  In other words, the most comfortable option possible, which was the boot. 

When the accident first happened, I had a bit of a meltdown. Yup, I’m confessing.  My biggest concern was, how would I be able to take care of Cali with my injury?  The next concern was I recently joined a new gym and had developed a routine for going. How would I be able to work out? And, of course, I wanted some comfort from my parents, and being that they are no longer around, that would be impossible. 

Thank goodness I had friends available that I could just let my guard down, cry, and talk about my feelings. Thank you to all of you who posted messages of love and positivity when the accident first happened. I received the nicest, heart-felt messages ❤️.

The tricky part about being “strong” is the expectations that go along with it.  People “expect” and “assume” you to have it handled and know how to figure it out.  They often forget that strong people need to have TLC the most.  And because of these expectations, we “strong” people buy into that story of not needing help and support. 

Often (and this is what I did before I came into this transformational world and studied mindset and hired amazing coaches), it was easier to isolate, become invisible, victimized, and go into a story that life wasn’t supporting me.  Therefore, for things to happen, the “strong” version of me would have to take care of everything instead of relying on others. 

We’re often taught in childhood to hide our feelings as they are a sign of weakness.  I’m here to tell you that it is incorrect!  It’s critical to feel our feelings and become aware of them.  Another form of being strong is to know how and when to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a good and powerful way to show up when used with intention and alignment.

Sometimes, being “strong” sucks. 

Truthfully, I do need support, compassion, and empathy right about now.  I’ve learned to get clear on what I need and then ask for it.  More importantly, I’ve learned to receive what I need.  (Hint:  Being strong requires being able to receive, as well as, give!)  I also understand that just because I ask, doesn’t mean the other person will be able to give it.  It doesn’t make me or them any less worthy.  It simply means they can’t do it.  All of these transformations took time.  I’m still on the journey of discovery and empowerment and have really changed the trajectory of my life. 

I’m choosing me.

What about you? Are you tired of not being able to ask for what you need? 

Choose you. 



Kate Beeders

The Breakthrough Success Expert

International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Breakthrough Success Expert 
Leading Mindset Expert and Award-Winning Strategist 


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