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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

When I first started my business, I spent a lot of money (that I didn’t have) on lots of top-notch experts.  I thought that having a fabulous website with super branding and great graphics was the way to go.  Busily and fervently, I worked a zillion hours from sunrise to late at night. I was convinced that these actions were the sure path to success.

After all, society teaches us to keep taking action to move forward.  

The problem, as I later learned, was that these actions only amounted to a small part of the success formula.  What was missing was the part that nobody was teaching and which I discovered on my own with the help of a great coach. 

I’m sharing this secret with you because my mission this year is to open up the doors of possibilities of what you can achieve and bring into your business/career and life.

The secret isn’t about spending a ton of money on resources (or on the flip-side, looking for “budget” help).  It isn’t even about being super busy.

The “secret” is to learn to be who you want to be.  To clarify, this means to learn to step into the shoes of that next level.  You need to learn to think and act like your brilliant self instead of how you are showing up today.

Here’s the scoop. 

We’ve all heard about lottery ticket winners who are broke (or worse) within a few years of achieving massive wealth.  Why does that happen?  It’s because their mindset hadn’t changed.  They still thought like the person they used to be.

Dressing like the next level won’t solve this problem either.  Many career planners recommend dressing like the position you are pursuing (e.g., if you are a bank teller wanting to step into management, dress like a bank manager).  While it’s a good step and won’t hurt, it isn’t shaping how you think. You need to take a more robust endeavor to see the results you desire. 

The real key is to start to think, act, and become that next level of you — your brilliant self. That’s where the true power is. 

This is a super important concept for you to grasp.

Now, before we go any further, I’m not saying don’t hire experts in other industries to move your business forward. Many of them are my clients, and I absolutely want you to hire them.  However, once you have more clarity of who you need to be, you will get better results when you hire your web designer, social media expert, branding specialist, copywriter, and so on.  That makes it worth the wait!

Here’s your first action step. 

Start to journal or list how you would show up differently if you were at that next level.  What would be different?

For some of you, this might be easy, and for others, it might create a bit of frustration. You might not be sure who you need to be.  Often, women don’t know qualified role models or mentors, so it can be challenging to hone in on what success looks like at that higher level.

That’s where I come in.  Join me at my next event or contact me to discuss coaching. 

Remember, to be successful, it isn’t about being busy or acquiring more resources.

Real success is becoming who you are meant to be.  Leave being busy to the bees.

Be Brilliant,


Kate Beeders

International Speaker | Best-Selling Author | 
Breakthrough Success Expert | Leading Mindset Expert | Award-Winning Strategist | Private Coaching


P.S.  None of us can breakthrough alone.  Join me at my next transformational event or inquire about private coaching.