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I don’t believe someone becomes a leader because they are given the title. Instead, it’s a space that someone either chooses to step into. Let’s face it: many people in managerial positions are terrible leaders and lack people skills.

You’ll see many quotes on what makes a good/great leader on social media. It takes more than a motivational quote to succeed.

Did you know that there are primarily three types of leaders? Which one are you?

Each of these three different types of leaders can be successful.

The Narcissist: This is the person who says: “Look at me,” “Watch me,” and “Do it like I tell you to do it,” and you’ll get the results I have. Their followers often have undying and unquestionable faith in them and will do whatever is asked. Think of Tony Robbins getting his audience to do a fire walk. People will do it because they trust him and believe it will help them.

In real life, The Narcissist leader can motivate you like no one else with their charisma and get you out of your Comfort Zone. Some people will get fabulous results, while others may feel discouraged as the narcissist only teaches one way- their way. If you follow their path, you will have what they have. If your personality doesn’t align, you’ll end up disillusioned.

There’s always a distance between this type of leader and their followers, as they will only allow certain people to get close to them.

On the flip side, most crimes of war, such as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Castro, had narcissistic leaders and followers willing to die for the cause. We see that today, with “jihad,” the followers think it’s a blessing to lose their lives for their cause.

The Narcissist is often the most common type of leader because they are willing to step up to get the job done and their message out. They’re more fearless (on the outside) than most and, perhaps, the most significant owners of the “imposter syndrome.”  Unfortunately, it’s often more about them, than it is about you.

The Teacher is passionate about leading and about learning. They’re knowledgeable and experts in the information they share. When they lead, they often suggest several ways of accomplishing the goal while encouraging others to follow their best path. Your success is their success. The Teacher is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself that you can be. They’ll work alongside you to help you get those results.

The downfall of this type of leader is that it may take a bit to get this person to lead more than a few people at a time. They’re ambiverts, and while comfortable presenting to large groups, they often desire smaller, more intimate groups initially to get their message out. The Teachers don’t like “cookie-cutter’ and prefer personalized, individualized solutions to help others succeed.

The Presenter doesn’t pretend to be an expert in all things. Their significant advantage is that they often have fabulous contacts and help share and disseminate information. Think of Oprah or other famous talk show hosts who have a topic they’re excited about and bring the best experts they can find to share that information with you. The Presenter can motivate and make most topics exciting and intriguing, with you wanting to get involved.

While the Presenter has a wide variety of resources and will ask the questions you’re thinking, it’s important to remember that guests are chosen from their point of view, so you may only be hearing one side.

There is a time and place for each type of leader. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

A great leader will have some of the qualities of each type.

Understanding your personality type is essential to know which leader will best support you. And, of course, a leader must understand different personality types to help others effectively.

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