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I’m back to de-cluttering my home again (the Marie Kondo method). Two years ago when I did this, I gave away/donated 60 bags of stuff. Not little bags of stuff, but those big huge hefty bags that hold 33 gallons! This time, I’m going for the next layer because I’ve learned what really brings me joy. Everything else…goes! One of my missions is to simplify my life and have more simplicity in my surroundings. When I posted pictures on Facebook of my progress, everyone generously shared lots of places where I could donate my unwanted items. 

As I’m going through this de-cluttering process, I keep noticing all of the social media ads to buy MORE stuff. There’s this sale and that sale. And, people posting in various groups I belong to suggesting gift swaps… you know the type with a $10 maximum. Supposedly, you give one gift and end up with a whole lot more.

I started to think about this. And, maybe you have too. Truthfully, who in the world needs a surprise gift that costs under $10? Definitely not me…and I’m guessing not you (if you really think about it). 

However, there are so many people out there that could benefit from your $10 or your “gently used clothing/household products” where you could really make a difference. 

So in this post, I’m encouraging you to use that $10 in a place that really means something. No, I’m not a “tree-hugger”. But I most definitely understand the power of mindset, neuroscience and endorphins and how they can change your world for the better and more than any $10 secret gift can. 

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Here’s what happens if you choose to give: 

  • Empathy: Maybe you’re thinking about the people who lost so much from the recent hurricanes. Maybe you’re thinking about animals that have been mistreated. Or your cause is saving the planet. Or perhaps you’re concerned about homeless children. Whenever you start thinking about things like that, it actually reinforces your brain to think positively. You’re thinking about others and concerned about others. Also, you’re taking the focus solely off yourself. 
  • Mirror-neurons: When you see someone else do something good, it actually affects your brain as well to think positively. For example, if you saw me hold a door for an elderly person, your level of happiness would rise. That would make you feel good even though you’re not the one holding the door. 
  • Happiness Trifecta: Oxytocin is released when you help others. An example would be when we learned of the big hurricanes that recently hit the US mainland and Puerto Rico. When I heard about the dogs that were abandoned in Texas, I donated money to animal shelters because I believed they would take care of those animals, feed them and find them new homes. That made me feel good. Giving back makes you feel better and helps suppress cortisol (which is the stress hormone). Serotonin and dopamine are also released at this time. All this adds up to a happier you.
  • Receive: While you’re out there giving, take time to receive. It brings balance to your life and lets others share in the joy of giving. And don’t be shy about receiving help if you need it. People are often afraid to accept help when they need it. Receiving can bring just as much joy to the giver, as it brings to you. 

Here’s the thing. You can still do your gift swaps. It doesn’t have to be one or the other if that’s what you truly want. I’m simply suggesting that you expand your giving to the next level. 

Giving can make such a huge difference and doesn’t have to cost anything. You can hold doors for people, allow cars to pass you, let someone go ahead of you in the supermarket line. Or simply smile at a stranger. 

The way the Laws of Attraction work is that when you’re open and expansive, you attract more abundance. And being happier naturally allows more abundance to come your way.


Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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P.P.S.  If you prefer, listen to the audio (Episode 38) of this training.