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A miracle happened.

That’s the only way to describe it.

Cali had a great appointment during her check-up this past week, and I was doing the “happy dance.”  Both the vet and I were so pleased with how she was doing.

Until I wasn’t dancing anymore.   Things changed very quickly.            

The night before all of this happened, I went to the theatre to see “Hello Dolly.”  One of my neighbors, who loves Cali, offered to give feed her and take her for a walk while I was out.  The text she sent me raved about how Cali was doing great, having fun and didn’t want to come in as she was full of energy and being playful.

The next afternoon, I noticed a complete change in behavior.  Cali was sleeping a lot and walking into things. I called her Vet and he suggested bringing her into the ER.

Truthfully, while driving it to the animal hospital, I expected they would send me home after a long wait thinking it wasn’t much of anything.

Imagine my shock when they talked about a life-threatening health issue she had and the possibility of immediate surgery.  They requested having her stay in CCU (critical care unit), so they could try a variety of treatments with her. I was to reach my out-of-state brother-in-law who happens to be an expert in ophthamology and having him talk to the ER doc was instrumental in calming me down.

I cried because this girl is my heart. 

I cried some more. Seriously, how many tears can one person have?  I texted my friends to send love and healing energy for my girl. I asked on social media for my friends to send love and healing energy.  The support we received was so incredible.

I drove home and cried. I did my best using the techniques I give my clients when they’re under really stressful situations such as tapping. I started to focus on seeing Cali healing quickly. I needed to be strong for her as there might be lots of decisions to make and she would need more care.

I repeated my power statement.

Things are always working out for Cali and me.”

Even though I was feeling scared to death, frightened, terrified and freaked-out, I did everything I could think of to ground myself.

I even told myself that “today was a very good day”, which trust me, was hard to do, yet, it was imperative as I needed to shift out of the negative energy. I searched my mind and listed all of the reasons I could think of, such as:  the hospital has phenomenal care, we caught this early, it happened on a day that I didn’t have to worry about my schedule and so on.

A friend called me and said she was only thinking positive thoughts and kept visualizing positive images of Cali playing.  She held that space for me when I was too upset to do it myself.  Much like I do for my clients when they are not able to.

Sleep didn’t come until about 5:00 am the next morning.  The phone ringing at 8:30 am woke me up with the doctor calling me with good news.  Cali had a considerable change (my words “miraculous”) in her medical condition and wouldn’t need surgery.  They were giving me lots of medication to continue to give her and would I please come to pick her up in a few hours.


Laws of Attraction.

The Universe.  God.

Positive energy. Prayers.  Faith and trust. Believe.

Fantastic medical care from MSPCA-Angell (Boston) – Ophthamology Department

Whatever you want to call it.  It works when you believe.

It again reminded me of the power that we all have.  How important it is to ask for support, which can be so difficult when we see ourselves as “strong.”  We can’t do it alone.  Choosing to listen to ourselves and do what is most important doesn’t mean doing it without assistance. There are times when we have to open up and ask.


It’s time for me to catch up on some sleep and do some things for me as I’ve been through quite a trauma.

If you were one of the people who saw my posts and sent positive energy, thank you from Cali and me. We appreciate you more than you can imagine. We don’t know what the future will hold, for today we are good.

A side note:

It really helps to hear how much the Vets and techs love my girl. Having the tech tell me over and over again how “lovely” Cali is, let’s me know I am in the right place. This is part of choosing me. 

Choose you,




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