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“You’re too expensive!  I can’t afford that much.”

Has anyone ever told you that?  Are those words familiar to you?  I heard that over and over early on as an entrepreneur.  

When that happens, it brings up all of the fear, disappointment and doubt about you what you offer, your capabilities and what you’re worth.

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When I first started my business, I looked around at what other people were doing and charged a really low amount.  I felt that would be safe.  

As my expertise and experience grew, I raised my pricing.  I did this based on a model I learned when I was in upper level management for a retail chain.  During that time, I was often involved in buying merchandise and then the pricing of it for the stores.  Bottom line for the owner of the company is that he wanted to make a profit and move as much product as quickly as possible.  

I learned a hard lesson when he called me out on something I did.  He explained that it didn’t matter how cheap something was if there wasn’t perceived value.  Meaning you can price something very low (almost give it away) and if people don’t want it, no matter how low the price is it doesn’t matter.  They still won’t buy from you.  

When you’re determining what price to offer your products, services and programs, my recommendation for you is to spend less time worrying about the actual price and if people will pay that amount.  Instead, spend more time focused on what you believe it is worth.  

That’s a much bigger and better question.  If you don’t feel like it is (or you) worth much, you’ll try to give it away at a low price.  That only works for so long until your bills are due.

Instead, I’d rather you learn to up your value and your belief in yourself.  That’s much hard (I know), yet, this is where you’ll get the results you want.

They’ve done studies on why people buy.  Was it because of the person’s expertise, their title, company they were with, price, etc that lead someone to buy from them? 

No, they bought because of the confidence the person displayed during their interactions.   

Once you learn to believe you’re worth it, you’ll display more confidence.  Then watch your sales go up and up!  

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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