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Have you ever felt someone mistreated you? Maybe it even made you angry? Come on, admit it… as it’s happened to all of us.

When this happens, we go into our story about how something/someone is unfair. Then, we emphasize the point by getting others to agree with our conclusion to the story. Yes, our friends will say that what happened was terrible. We think that will make us feel better and maybe it will for a minute or two. But ultimately, we still feel lousy without relief.

Here’s what I suggest instead.

Respond instead of reacting. Take a breath and get clear on what’s really going on. Were you slighted? Or is your imagination running away with the situation? Nine times out of ten, we’re in a story where we’re the victim.

Respond instead of reacting. You’ll feel more in control and be happier with the results. Isn’t it time for you to be the hero in your story?

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