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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

When you were little, did your parents or other adults, saying things to you like “Stop.  You might get hurt” or “Wait for someone to help you” or “You can do that when you get bigger”? 

A lot of adults say that to small children, primarily, because they don’t want the child to get hurt.  And, most likely they learned this when they were a child, and someone said that to them.

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Did you know that most children hear the word “no” at least 30,000 times before kindergarten?
•    “No,  don’t do this.”
•    “No, don’t touch that.”
•    “No, no, no!”
•     And, so on.

It may make sense for an adult to say that to a child, but the problem is that many of you are still repeating those words to yourself over and over again and again, making your big dreams unreachable.  

Your conscious mind, which is the creative part, might come up with a cool idea of something to do in your business.  Then, your subconscious mind comes along and tells you all of the reasons you shouldn’t do it.

•    “No.  Don’t do that. It’s too much work.”
•    “No.  Don’t do that. It might fail”
•    “No.  Don’t do that.  It will take too long.”
•    And, so on. 

You can see that you start to take a step forward into a bigger dream, and then you stop yourself. 

Imagine, if you could tell yourself instead:

•    “Yes.  Do this.  This could be amazing.”
•    “Yes.  Do this.  This could become something awesome.”
•    Yes.  Do this.  It’s worth the time and energy to make this work.”
•    And, so on.

Imagine, the difference between the results you would get in your business by that shift in thinking!

Now, understand, that the subconscious mind is going along really fast and most of these thoughts you’re not even aware of as they’ve been playing in the background of your mind forever.  In other words, you’ve stopped noticing them- but, they’re still holding you back.
Starting today, pay attention to what you’re telling yourself and start telling yourself something better!

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Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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