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One of the big human-interest stories of the day is that Alex Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, has been faking Spanish heritage. In actuality she is American born, growing up as Hillary Hayward-Thomas. On face value, people are up in arms that she lied about being Spanish and from Mallorca. As a side note, Mallorca is gorgeous (check out my pix below), and I can understand why someone would want to live there…but that’s another story.

When I first heard the news, I shook my head and became a bit judgmental about what she did. Then, I laughed. Truthfully, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to her in the past, but with all of the recent buzz, she caught my attention. She had “pretended” to be Spanish when she was actually born and grew up in a suburb of Boston to prominent doctors. Her Spanish accent would come and go. There’s a lot more to the story which continues to grow and you can read about it online.

She is considered an “influencer” and has a lot of media exposure from TV appearances, books she wrote, being a yoga instructor, having numerous children (and losing the pregnancy weight immediately!), and of course, married to the notorious Alec Baldwin.

But, before we start judging her for re-writing her past, let’s think about this for a minute.

Fake it until you make it“. How many times have you heard that expression?

In the world of mindset, we always talk about seeing it first in your mind, and then you’ll be able to create it. Basically, create the life you desire.

One of my “Kateism’s” is to tell my community that “It’s time to write a new story and return the old one to the library!”.

So, who are we to judge Hilaria/Hillary for creating a new past? Perhaps, this one makes her happier?

If someone deliberately lies intending to harm or cause damage to someone, that is a problem. But, if no one is hurt, did Hilaria/Hillary do something wrong?  Or is she manipulative and conniving?  You decide.

For decades, magazines have been editing and covering up any flaws their cover model has. They want us to believe that this person is aesthetically perfect. It wasn’t until recently that many started to show photos more naturally. Do you color your hair? Wear make-up? Wear clothes that accentuate your features and hide the less desirable? Lie about your age or weight?

If you want to tell yourself that you had more successes than you did and it gives you the confidence to move forward, is that a problem? If you’d rather believe you’re a fabulous presenter than someone who gets nervous on stage, where is that a problem? If you tell someone that you’ve done something that you haven’t, is that where you cross the line?

I know lots of 7-figure entrepreneurs who aren’t profitable. By omitting this information to their followers, is it harmful? Does it even matter?

How do you handle things in your business or career? Are you always honest? Do you give people credit who deserve it? Do you tell someone you’ll have something to them tomorrow when you know it will be impossible to turn around?

When does “exaggerating” turn from being playful to problematic? Is it all about the “little white lie”?

Are all influencers 100% honest?  Do they have a responsibility for honesty to their followers?

Do we expect “people” to be slightly dishonest and it’s up to us where we draw the line?  Where does the marketing end and the person begin? If you follow an “influencer”, do you vet them?

Back to Hilaria/Hillary where this all started. Is this a short-lived headline in the news or did she cause irrevocable damage from her actions?

For me, it’s all about being of integrity. I still believe you can “write a new story” if it will make you happier and not harm anyone while doing so.  Check out the pix of me in Mallorca – you can see how beautiful it is.

Lastly, everyone is an “influencer.” It’s all how you decide to use your influence.

What do you think?

Be Brilliant,



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