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Did you know research has uncovered that high self-esteem is one of the best predictors of happiness?
I’ll bet you thought having a specific income, job, or amount of money in the bank was the key to happiness.
Nope, it’s all YOU!
That means that how you view yourself determines how happy you will be in your life.
Ask yourself a few questions:
1.         When something good happens, do you say to yourself (or to others) that it’s not enough? For example, “I got a new client but at a smaller program than I hoped for.” Or, “I got a raise, but I was hoping for more.”
2.         Do you compare yourself to others regularly? Perhaps, you’re always looking over your fence (metaphorically speaking) to see what others are doing. Or, you put someone down when you see they have success by telling yourself that they didn’t deserve it?
3.         And, the huge question. Have you started to believe that you’re not worthy or deserving of a certain level of success? Maybe you’ve rationalized your thoughts by telling yourself that you don’t have the education, time, resources, energy, etc. to have what you want. Maybe (and this is even worse) you’ve told yourself that what you want isn’t that important and that you don’t need it.
Start to give these questions serious thought. How you view yourself sets the limits for all you will receive in your life, both personally and professionally.
The good news is that you can raise your self-esteem and confidence. It doesn’t happen overnight but once you’ve increased it, you’re at that next level. You start to view the world differently. You realize that you’re worthy and deserving of all you desire. Interestingly enough, those desires begin to manifest and show up in your life.
Raising your self-esteem is probably one of the most important and rewarding journeys you will ever take in your life. Let me help you make it smoother, faster, and, yes, fun. Schedule a time to learn more about my coaching services.
It’s worth it.
You’re worth it!
Be Brilliant,
Kate Beeders

International Speaker | Best-Selling Author |
Breakthrough Success Expert | Leading Mindset Expert | Award-Winning Strategist | Private Coaching

P.S. You’re the author of your life story and all that goes in to it. I’m here to help if you’re ready for more! Schedule a time to learn more about my coaching services.
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