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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

Have you noticed I’ve been teaching a lot about problem-solving lately?  That’s because I believe that’s an area where so many get stuck. For example, Denise, one of my new clients, was having issues with her team’s productivity.  The situation was frustrating to her and starting to wear her down as she wasn’t sure there was a way out. 

What started happening was that she was losing her point of power and going into victim mode.  Then, she began making a mental list of all of the things not working in her business.  That’s one of the worst things to do when there is a problem.

Here are the three choices that I offered to bring her back to a place of power.

Part 1:

  1. Accept the situation.

Most people, including Denise, fight against the situation.  They deny it and wish for different results.  This mindset won’t change a thing and will leave you more frustrated.  It’s like trying to swim upstream; you’ll get “nowhere.”  Once you accept it for being what “it is,” your life and the situation become easier.

  1. Change the situation.

In Denise’s case, she had the option to provide more training, change tasks, and other assorted fixes if she chose.  When you change the situation, you take your power back instead of being a “bystander” in your own life.

  1. Leave the situation.

You don’t have to stay. If you don’t like something, you are free to leave.  You always have a choice.

What’s critical (and this is something I emphasized to Denise) is that whichever of the three options she decided upon, are chosen from a place of power, not a place of fear.

Part 2:

Make sure you’re not coming from a place of fear. 

  1. Accept the situation

If Denise had accepted the situation from a place of fear, that would mean she would believe that she could never find a good team member.   This belief would cause her to settle for what she has. Accepting the situation doesn’t equal settling for the situation.  There’s a huge difference!

  1. Change the situation

People often think that if they only did “this or that thing,” that everything would work out.  Think about all of the people out there with BSOS (bright shiny object syndrome) that keep trying new things and still don’t get the results that they want.  That’s because they’re making decisions from a place of fear thinking if they did this one additional thing that everything would change for them.  That seldom happens.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”  ~Confucius

  1. Leave the situation.

There’s an old expression that “where ever you go, there you are.” What that means is that if you haven’t done the work to show up differently, the same situation will follow you.  People experience that when they take new jobs, enter new relationships, and so on. 

Perhaps, you’ve met someone who left a job they didn’t like for a new one they claimed was “nirvana”.  Only to start complaining about the new job three months later.  If you listen closely, they have the same complaints about the new job as they had about the old one.  Nothing has changed for them except a new circumstance. 

Going forward, it’s most important to remember is to make your decisions from a place of power.   Learn how to ground before doing so. 

Be Brilliant,



Kate Beeders

The Breakthrough Success Expert

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