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Is integrity, honesty, trustworthy one of the requirements for someone you work with? If so, you could be making a BIG mistake!

Top of my list has always been that I only work with people with integrity.  I would often get disappointed when someone would show their “true colors” by doing something that felt otherwise.  

However, recently, I’ve come to realize how subjective these characteristics are.  Really and truly, what is “integrity” mean or any of these other words mean?  And, by whose definition do we abide by.

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Let me explain further.  Recently, I posted on Facebook what is the “one characteristic someone MUST have” for you to work with them.  Although, a lot of people shared their thoughts, Integrity, honesty and trustworthy were the top responses.  One person responded “sense of humor.”  Now, this person (who is a friend of mine) is funny.  There are times when he’s funnier than others. There are times when some people think he’s funny and some don’t.  Humor is a personal thing. There is no “gold standard” of humor.  There is no universal standard of what good humor is vs. not.

The same is true with integrity, honesty, trustworthy and whatever adjectives you might choose as your core values.  

However, there is hope in how you can use these core values and still be aligned.  

Here’s how:

  1. Let’s say “integrity” is your word.  It’s your core value.  Get clear on how someone would show up to you as being in integrity and when they would not.  Make a list of actual examples, such as being told one price and then being charged another.  Understand that your list is your list and entirely subjective.  Your list will look different than my list. 
  2. What are your deal breakers on this issue?  When would you walk away?  Someone cheating on you, stealing your money, lying to you, talking about you, work not done on time?  Where do you draw the line? 
  3. As everyone’s list will be different, when you talk to someone you are about to hire/go into partnership with, etc. share your list.  Share your deal breakers with this person.
  4. Ask the other person to define integrity and what it means to them.
  5. If your lists are in sync, awesome, you have a good match.  If not, you’ll need to give it thought about whether or not to proceed.  

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they assume everyone has the same definition of these words.  They don’t.  Each person’s description is based on family history/experience, lifestyle, education, priorities, choices and so on.  The best thing you can do is have this conversation up front.  Leave the guesswork at home.


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