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I can’t believe I’m quoting Miley Cyrus…but here goes! My favorite TV show is The Voice. I’ve been watching it for years. When I heard Miley Cyrus say recently “I only work with clients I love,” I thought to myself, “Absolutely! That’s exactly how it must be!”.

That’s how my business is today but it wasn’t always. There were people that I probably would have preferred to not work with but I did. And I worked more 80+ hour weeks than I care to mention. When everyone else was out celebrating, I was working and learning. That was because I had a vision, passion and focus and nothing would get in my way.

The other night at dinner with my coach who was in Boston on a visit, she commented that I was part of an elite group, the only 5% of all entrepreneurs who have businesses that actually support themselves and make a profit. With that accomplishment, she said, I have earned the right to do and not do things in my business.

Let me share with you some “rights” that I have already decided on. These are the “must haves” in my business. Perhaps some of these will align with the business you are building.

  1. I have the right to decide who I want to work with and I choose to only work with clients I love. The right clients always get the best results. When you get that “nagging” feeling about someone, it’s probably right.
  2. I have the right to market my business in a way that aligns with my core values, beliefs and personality. Just because others are doing it, doesn’t mean I have to.
  3. I have a right to take unplugged vacations and not feel a need to check email (my team is doing that for me) or post on social media every 5 minutes while I’m away. I have earned the right to decompress and enjoy.
  4. I have a right to work the schedule I want. I know what is required to bring in the income I want. If I want to work more I can…if I want to work less I can. It’s my choice as is the income I want to make.
  5. I have a right to have a team made up of people who are excited to work with me and be part of my bigger vision. Actually, one of my team members taught me that several years ago. She said that applicants need to impress me – not the other way around!
  6. I have a right to swim in my own lane and ignore the noise (and “fake” news) of the crowd. All of that stuff can send your head spinning and put you in a tizzy!
  7. I have a right to create programs, packages, services AND pricing that aligns with who I am and how I work.
  8. I have a right to say “no” to opportunities that aren’t aligned with my vision and values. I can let “FOMO” (fear of missing out) and “BSOS” (bright shiny object syndrome) dissipate.
  9. I have a right to focus on profitability – “the bottom line” – instead of being concerned with saying I’m making “x” amount. (I know too many entrepreneurs who brag about their incomes, yet don’t have any extra in the bank.)
  10. Lastly, I have a right to say what’s on my mind and voice my own opinion. In the beginning, it’s scary to do this (after all, we just want everyone to like us and don’t want to offend anyone). I’m at the place where I know my message will attract the right people who are interested and eager to learn…and the others, I bless and give them to the Universe. There’s more than enough clients to go around and I want to attract and work with “my” people.

Here’s the deal. I didn’t start my own business to follow someone else’s rules and decisions. But, and this is the really important part, I knew I had to learn from those who had been successful to get to the next level. It’s the price to be paid for entry and breakthrough, and ultimately smarter, cheaper and faster than doing it alone. We all must be willing to invest our time, energy, money and other resources for growth. But growth doesn’t happen on its own. There’s a big learning curve and being mentored makes a HUGE difference. Entrepreneurs need to understand their strengths in order to make smart decisions and take smart risks.  It’s all about understanding what is important, what matters and what lights each of us up. To become a successful entrepreneur, the process needs to happen and can’t be overlooked.

Isn’t time you create a plan to earn the “right”, too?

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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