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A few years ago, I used the Marie Kondo method for decluttering and donated/threw out at least 60 hefty size bags of stuff.   Boy, was that painful.  Especially all of the items that were never used and still had their store tags attached. Thinking about the money wasted hit a sore spot.  Eventually, I was able to switch to a place of gratitude and appreciation because I was able to focus on how these items would be of service to someone else, instead of sitting in my closet for another few years.

Big and Small Lifestyle Changes 

Recently, I have been more involved with minimalism for the lifestyle change and am so pleased to experience what has unexpectedly developed.  I love how this decision has tied to my “big why.”

Before I go any further, there are lots of definitions around minimalism.  The most extreme is only owning a few pair of shoes, pants and so on.  I don’t live my life that way.  For me, minimalism means being surrounded only by “things” that match my life’s vision. I got rid of what no longer fits. Bright shiny objects have no room in my home.

Secondly, I only purchase things that are part of this bigger vision which means I buy a whole lot less.  It’s returning to my roots of spending money on education, experiences, and people (and Cali) instead of on stuff. 

Here are some of my recent transformation celebrations: 

  1. I’m more aware and appreciative of the belongings I already have instead of buying the “latest and greatest” and accumulating more “stuff.”


  1. I started this personal blog called “The Year of Choosing Me” and am excited about what is transpiring as a result and how it’s resonating with others.


  1. I have reignited my “sacred” reading area. As an avid reader, I love my new habit of making time at the end of the evening to unwind and read, and this makes me so very happy. (grey day here so not the best picture)


  1. I’ve more clarity and focus as I simplify my life.  Decisions are easier. 


  1. My home is (almost) always clean and ready for company at any time. Less stress and energy are involved straightening up. 


I’m really enjoying having simplicity in my life.  It allows me to focus on what’s most important to me and release all of the distractions.  It’s easier for me to “choose me.”

Choose you,




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