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18083958_sEveryone wants faster success.  Right?  We live in an age of immediacy and urgency.

In fact, most of us want those results today- or actually, yesterday.  That’s how I feel sometimes.

The problem is that when things don’t happen the way we were hoping, within the time we were hoping, we go into a story and don’t even realize that is what we’re doing.

We start feeling discouraged and frustrated.  Maybe tell ourselves that this isn’t meant to be.  That we’re not meant to have something.

That’s actually the problem.  What we tell ourselves.  Because when we don’t believe that we can have it or that we deserve it, that is exactly what we will experience.

Here’s what I’d like to suggest instead. 

Maybe – actually, quite possibly, you do deserve this thing and you can have it.  But, maybe there are things in the way keeping you stuck.  Maybe you’re aware of what some of them are- maybe some are hidden and you don’t even see them.

Here are 7 secret strategies to get you back on track to have faster success:

  1. Have you been specific in what you are requesting?  Often, entrepreneurs say “lots” or “big” words like that which are broad generalizations.
  1. Have you allotted a reasonable amount of time to get where you want to go?  In other words, if you’re at “0” right now, to ask for a million dollars in a month isn’t impossible but where it is a big jump, you will hit more obstacles, go into what I call the “Freak-Out Zone”, and then get discouraged and go backwards.
  1. Are you focused? Every day?  Do you have a strategy of what action you need to take (not what others are doing – but what you specifically need to do)?
  1. Are you being held accountable for the action you’re taking? Most entrepreneurs (including me), will occasionally get “bright shiny object syndrome” and get distracted.  When you get pulled off focus, it’s harder to reach your goals in the time you would like to?
  1. Are you surrounded by a supportive community? People who believe in you and really want to see you succeed?  Don’t take this for granted, as having this can make a huge difference in your life.  Often, even people who love us, aren’t able to be as supportive as we’d like.  They’re coming from their place of reference and that’s how they show up for us.
  1. Do you have space for this new thing to come into your life? Whether it’s a new client, opportunity, object – there must be a space for it to occupy.  Many entrepreneurs say that they want more clients, yet their schedule doesn’t allow for it.  Or, they say that they want someone to guide and mentor them, yet they won’t make the space for that, either.
  1. How are you shifting your mindset to that of a winner’s image?  You can’t be both a winner and loser at the same time.  This is a process.  You can’t have something new and better come into your life if you’re not in a position to receive it.


Go through each of the 7 secrets and see how you’re doing with them.

Not on track?  No worries. 

If you need help with 7 secrets, come to The Money Zone Event  where I’ll be diving into each and every one of those to help you accelerate your success.


Be Brilliant,