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Free Training with 5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Bottom Line

There are ten critical keys that every successful entrepreneur knows how do to have a fabulous and profitable business.  These are things I have put into practice for many years, and they have made all the difference.  Truthfully, some are easier than others to implement.

I figured it’s time for me to share them with you.  These 10 keys will give you a glimpse into our secret world so you can up-level your business this year.  

All 10 actions fall under one big marketing umbrella- that being you must learn to “work on your business- not in your business.”

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Here are 10 actions you must regularly incorporate to have a more successful business:

  1. Have and review daily (many times throughout the day) a vision statement that is aligned with what you want to create in your business and life.  There are right and wrong ways to do this.  A few criteria for writing a vision statement correctly is to make sure it is written in the present tense, positive, specific, concise, and has powerful emotion tied to it).  
  2. Create a “quarterly plan” for your business.  Quarterly plans are something my coaching group clients and I do each quarter and as a result, keeps them on track. Every action must lead you towards accomplishing your goal.  You must know what you are doing and when you are doing it.  Often, entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants meaning they only get into action when they’re running out of time and money. I don’t want that to happen to you anymore. 
  3. You must have a plan for each day.  I’m not talking about a “to do” list but an actual plan of what is most important to accomplish and how/when you will accomplish it.  Break it down and delegate whenever you can.  
  4. Have at least one revenue-generating activity each day.  What are you doing today to bring in money? 
  5. Make sure you allow enough time, energy and resources to accomplish your goals. Most people underestimate what is needed and become frustrated and disappointed when they don’t see their results happening soon enough.  That can be why you’re quitting before having success.  I would recommend over-estimating whenever possible. 
  6. Have a client/customer acquisition plan where you know what action to take to bring in a consistent flow of new clients/customers into your business.
  7. Regularly attend events to increase your knowledge and your community.  Have you ever gone wrong by telling yourself that you can’t take time off or don’t have the money to spend to attend a training?  That’s incredibly short-sighted and doesn’t allow you to grow. You may feel safe for about a minute or two having not decided to get out of your Comfort Zone, but ultimately, that feeling will go away as you wonder why others are having more success than you are and passing you by.
  8. Make your decisions from your destination- not your starting point.  It may seem easier to think about your current situation, however, making decisions from where you are today will only get you the results you’ve already been achieving.  And, I know you want more.  That means you need to start to think about what someone at that next level would decide.  
  9. Make sure you are always working in your Zone of Brilliance.  When you go day-to-day in your business, never picking your head up to think, it’s easy to end up picking up all of the slack and filling up all of the hours of your day.  I would challenge you instead, to spend most (if not all) of your time in the areas that light you up and where you shine.  I call that your Brilliance.  The other option is to become bored and stagnant. Yuk!
  10. Neuroscience research has studied the importance of taking frequent breaks throughout your day.  These are mini- interruptions, often lasting for 1 minute or less. A suggested action to take during this time is to stretch and yawn.  This activity allows your brain to refresh itself and get back to being creative and more focused.  

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur.  I was taught early on in my business that the more I invest, the more I will grow.  That advise was the truth and continues to serve me well.   Having coaches for my mindset transformations and marketing strategies have made all of the difference and allowed me to have a highly profitable business.

Which of these actions will you try first?

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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