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When I was a business development executive, it was always a big deal in our company to plan for the upcoming year. We set a goal and figured out where the revenue would come from.

And it made all the difference!

Yesterday I shared with you Part 2 of my “Personal Income Generation Plan” template, where I gave you 7 questions to figure out your goals for next year.

Today I’ll share Part 2, which focuses on discovering any potential traps that may hold you back from successfully achieving your goals.

Take a pad and pencil, and answer these 6 questions:

  1. When you look at 2016 in review, how would you rate it and why?


  1. What always seems to stop you when you move forward with something new?


  1. When you get stuck, how do you typically feel?


  1. How does procrastination usually show up for you?


  1. How have your beliefs kept you from not playing “full out” in your business


  1. Which of your beliefs about money have gotten in the way of having more success?


Make sure you block off at least 30-60 to complete this portion of the Personal Income Generation Plan.When you’re finished answering these questions, I’d love

When you’re finished answering these questions, I’d love to know what came up for you? What “aha’s” did you get from your answers?

Simply hit “Reply” and let me know.

Be Brilliant,



P.S.  Tomorrow I’ll share how I can support you in this planning process AND helping you actually implement your Personal Income Generation Plan. I have a limited space for new clients, but if you’re looking to increase your revenue next year, I want to talk to you. More on this tomorrow.