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I remember those days when I’d be on the phone with a prospective client and they would say that they really wanted to work with me.  If only they had the money (deep sigh).    They would end the conversation by promising to call me when they had the money. I also remember that I actually believed they would call me…when they had the money.  Once I saw them on Facebook posting photos of their vacation to Hawaii, I knew that I had been “misled”.

Instead of getting angry at them, I got angry at myself.  I realized that I hadn’t taken a stand for them and the results they deserved during our enrollment conversation.

Currently, I’m coming off the “high” of hosting my live event, Conversations To Clients Live™ .  A little insider’s secret, not only do my attendees have “aha’s”, I do as well.

It became even clearer to me how there was one big thing holding back entrepreneurs more than ever.

It’s lack of confidence.

At my recent event, some people admitted that was keeping them stuck.  Some protested very strongly that they were confident in other areas of their life, or in previous decades, so how could this still be a problem.  Well, it is!!!

Here’s the scoop.  If you don’t feel confident about who you are, the results you can achieve for someone, that you’re worth it and have a healthy relationship with money, you can’t sell.  End of story.

You won’t be able to overcome objections, either.  Think about it, if you buy into their money story…how can you ever help them understand the value of investing in you?  It’s nearly impossible!!!

You’ve got to do your own work first.  My favorite “Kateism” is that “it’s time to return that old story to the library and write a new one”.  What this means is that whatever old stories, beliefs, fears and doubts you’re hanging on to today are going to keep you in the same place tomorrow.  Unless (and this is huge) you’re willing to be uncomfortable so you can get the results you’re really desiring.

You decide.   You can’t help someone through something that you’re still stuck in.   Without your inner strength, you can’t help that prospective client see another way of looking at things.  Instead, you’re basically an enabler.  When you’re in that place, you won’t be getting the clients you want.  Which means, less money in your bank account.   Not a good thing!

Remember, it’s a whole lot easier to enroll new clients when you so fiercely believe in yourself and what you offer.  That makes it so much easier to take a stand for them and what they deserve.

Today, ask yourself.  What story is hold you back?  Is that story serving you anymore?  Is that story bringing you closer to or further away from your big dream? By creating a new and better story, you’re changing your future and allowing abundance to flow in.

Be Brilliant,


P.S.  It’s often difficult to see the tip of your own nose.  Need help uncovering and clearing out your old stories.  Apply for a complimentary Money Breakthrough Session.