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Free Training with 5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Bottom Line

First of all, let’s make sure you know what a “money story” is.  The way I’ll define it for this training here is that it’s your operating system for how you spend and save your money.  It’s always running in the background for every decision you make that involves money.

For example, if you grew up during the Depression, most likely you don’t trust banks and use mostly cash based on what you experienced with the bank running out of money.  Therefore, if you don’t have the cash, you don’t buy.

If you had a parent, as one of my clients did, who would buy, buy, buy and then hide her purchases from her husband so as to prevent an argument, your money story might be that you aren’t open with your partner about money and how you spend it.

If you aren’t able to cross over a certain income level without something happening to push you back, you may have a money story that you aren’t worthy of that level of income.

One of my clients grew up being the poor kid on the block.  It was always a version of “them” vs “us”.  As an entrepreneur, she felt very uncomfortable when she would make a lot of money feeling that she would no longer be accepted by her community.

I could go on and on as money stories are always playing in the background of our thoughts.  As you can tell, they can be quite detrimental in you having more success (and money) in your life.  We always have lots of money stories that have shaped who we are.

Here’s one exercise to start to shift your money story:

  1. Think of a specific situation around money that causes a lot of stress for you. See this as a short film clip of you in a certain situation.  What is the thought that pops up and the emotion you feel?   Maybe this left you feeling scared, embarrassed or ashamed?
  2. Now, go back and re-write that story where you are left with healthier emotions.
  3. Make sure this story reflects your values, goals, and reality. It should feel positive and uplifting.
  4. Write a mantra that reinforces how you want your money story to be. For example:  “I’ve created a healthy partnership with money where I’ve learned to trust in myself to spend wisely”.

We always have lots of money stories that have shaped who we are.  More than you’re able to count.  Clearing out one leads to the next one – which is a good thing.  Ultimately, you want to get down to the root of the problem.

It’s not easy to do that yourself.  In fact, it’s often impossible.  That’s why I created the Money Acceleration Retreat where we focus in on your money stories and how to create healthier ones.  When your beliefs are changed around money, you’ll notice the flow of abundance you receive has increased dramatically.  It always happens.

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P.S.  Everyone has money stories.  These blocks keep you stuck!  It’s time for you to tap into your zone of brilliance and accelerate your success.

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