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Yay me! I went to water aerobics this morning. I know that might not sound like much but for me, it was all about getting out   of my comfort zone. I have a slow-healing broken toe that I’ve been aggravating with my regular gym activities.  I needed to find an activity that I could do without causing further injury to my foot while meeting my need for moving energy through aerobic activity (hiking, walking, running, etc.) for my mindset and mental well-being.

Water aerobics doesn’t have the same impact, so it seemed like a great option. However, the week before, I felt total dread. I didn’t want to put a bathing suit on in the middle of winter to go into an indoor pool for a group class. Worse, one of those horrible, rubbery, tight-fitting bathing caps was required. Talk about an atrocious vision of what not to wear on the fashion runway.

But I had a serious talk with my younger self. You know, the one who was worried about how she would look (yes, our younger selves do compare themselves to others and are quick to be critical). I knew that most people would be more concerned with themselves than with me. Our ego takes over in most cases. Did you know that when looking at a group photo, everyone looks for themselves first instead of at everyone else?

I’ve taken water aerobics classes in the Caribbean, and they were lots of fun. The sun shines down on us. We have sunglasses on and Pina Coladas by the side of the pool. And, of course, the fun music blasting loudly gets us quickly in the mood.

Truthfully, this experience was not the same. The class was indoors and the horrible music playing (without a fast-paced beat) was from decades ago.  Nor were there tropical drinks waiting for us poolside or the sun overhead.

But, despite all, we had fun. Knowing that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, I decided to pretend I was in St. Lucia and enjoying the sunny day. I worked out with the noodles and water weights and laughed at how silly I felt. All the while, getting a very nice workout in.

Later on, back at home, I felt a massive rise in my confidence level for kicking off the day. It’s amazing how getting out of my comfort zone (even though not perfectly), left me feeling empowered and positive. Even to go so far to say that I felt on “top of the world.”

I did this because I chose me. The longer I put off attending the class the more I would feel powerless.

Take an action today that you’ve never taken before. No one will be watching you. Watch your confidence level increase as you go forward.

 Choose you.



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P.P.S.  An update.  I went back to another class it was lots of fun, great music and I’ll be back again!