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Over the last few years, and especially over the previous few months, I’ve put together a list of my principles for my most brilliant life.

I am sharing my ten most powerful and intimate practices with you so you can see what resonates and take what you like to add to your life.

They are not in any particular order of importance. Some days one may rise higher in the ranking than others.

  1. I focus on my blessings instead of focusing on my bank account, my material possessions, etc. When I focus on the good, more abundance comes into my life


  1. When I have a conflict, I do my best to put myself in the other person’s shoes. I do this before going too deep into a story of what’s going on. This critical mindset shift stops me from going into a worse account of how I believe I’m being treated by others and instead brings me back to my brilliance.  It doesn’t necessarily make the other person right; it allows me to have empathy when appropriate. Also, it will enable me to stay in a place of strength instead of going into victim mode. A win for me and, hopefully, a win for the other person.


  1. Happy and Healthy. That’s my motto for Cali and I. Whenever I’m giving her medicine, I tell her it’s for her to be happy and healthy. I tell myself the same thing when I take my vitamins. Happy and healthy. That’s all that matters.


  1. At the beginning and end of each day, I say aloud that “today is/was a really good day, and here’s why…” Yes, I borrowed that expression from Dear Evan Hansen. It’s a perfect way to frame the day.


  1. 5. I have several power statements to help anchor and ground me during the day. I’m able to use them when I feel as if I might be losing my center and to bring me back to a place of power quickly.


  1. I continue to get better at making my decisions from a place of love than from a place of fear. I’ve learned to feel it in my body when I’m going in the wrong direction. The results are always so much better when I do.


  1. Respond instead of reacting. Taking a deep breath before taking action. Sometimes, many deep breaths and walks and other techniques are needed!


  1. Pay my bills early when I can. Money is energy. What goes around, comes around. When I treat my money with respect, it comes back to me. When I honor people for services rendered and pay them early, it allows me to stand a bit taller and I know it will come back to me tenfold.


  1. Every morning, I set my intentions of what I want from my day. I am the best creator of my future. I decide how it goes.


  1. Give. Action speaks louder than words. I feel good when I’m able to give. Whether I’m donating dog supplies to the animal shelter or money to them, this action makes my heart grow bigger each time.


  1. Bonus! Have more adventure and fun in my life. Having an entrepreneurial business can easily take up an entire life. I’ve learned through the recent death of both of my parents that life is too short. That’s why I’m enjoying myself through fun experiences, such as attending live musicals, concerts, author events, tai chi classes, and more.


These ten principles are currently top of mind. Don’t be surprised if I create more lists in the future because I’m always evolving, growing and transforming.

I’m choosing me this year (and ever after). Choose you.

Be Brilliant,



Kate Beeders

International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Breakthrough Success Expert

Leading Mindset Expert and Award-Winning Strategist

Visionary Leadership bringing possibility to your life!

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P.P.S.  Any principles you’d like to add?  Share below.