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Many of my clients have done this.
It takes up lots of their time.
It takes up a lot of their energy.
And, if they’re not careful, it will take up a lot of their finances.

As soon as I hear what they’ve been doing, I point them in the other direction.

Maybe you’ve been doing this, too?

You get this idea for a new program.  It so amazing, so wonderful, so awesome that you spend hours, days, weeks and often months working on the creation and implementation of it.  You’re working on the perfect name and price point.  Figuring out all of the features it will have.  Adding and subtracting things to make this fabulous.

Day in and day out, your head is down.  You start moving forward and then you see what someone else is doing online and you stop.  You evaluate.  What do you need to shift?  Maybe you even get nervous that there will be too much competition and you stop.

Then, you think it’s almost complete, but upon further review, it’s still not perfect.  Someone will tell you that they don’t like a certain aspect of it…and there you go, back to the drawing board.

If anyone asks you what you’ve been doing, you can honestly reply that you’ve been busy.  Which is the truth.

BUT, (and this is a big “but”) are you working on what’s most important?

I see lots and lots of entrepreneurs work on the creative stuff, head down and focused…almost with a “do not disturb” sign around their neck.

Until they look up and wonder why they don’t have much money coming in or a flock of new clients.  Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing.  We entrepreneurs are creative.  However, if you want to make more money, you have to balance out the creativity with sales conversations.

Ok, I see the dread in your eyes.  I’ve seen it before.

That’s because you’re comfortable where you are right now…creating.  For me to ask you to actually go out and sell something, well, that’s a whole other story.

For you to actually ask someone to buy this amazing product you’ve been creating would actually freak you out a bit.  I mean, what if they reject you…or say they’re not interested? Then, what do you do?  More importantly, what does that say about you?

That’s why it may seem safer for you to stay in creative mode than ever have to ask for the sale.

But, (and here’s another big “but”)…what if the person says “yes!”.  Wouldn’t that change things for you?

You’ll never know until you go out and sell.

I’m not a fortune teller.  I do know for sure that if you don’t go out and sell, you definitely won’t make more money or get clients.

Your prospective clients don’t have ESP and until you ask for the sale, they’ll never know about this new amazing thing you’ve come out with.

Go out and sell.

If the thought of sales is still freaking you out and you’d like to learn to master this very important part of your business, apply for a complimentary breakthrough session with me

Be Brilliant,



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