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Success Stories

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"I am thrilled that I did gain more clients and raised my rates."

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. It has been a tremendous learning experience. You are an incredible mentor. Your wisdom and kindness are exceptional. I am thrilled that I did gain more clients and raised my rates!! You helped me build confidence, clarity and more discipline in my daily practice. You are a wealth of ideas and a brilliant business strategist. I already miss the community. I hope to be part of your community again.

– Linda Tighe

“I took my first vacation with my husband in two years.”

Although, I had a 10 year old very successful business, I contacted Kate because I needed to make changes within the business to allow me more balance in my life (I was giving up nights and weekends with my family to do work for my clients). I wasn’t happy about that and my husband and young son weren’t happy, either…I was always working. Within a few months of coaching with Kate, I made the following changes: got clarity on who my ideal clients were and stopped working with those that weren’t right for me, increased my rates, created new client programs, improved relationships with people I am close to, had more time for myself and family on weekends, hired effective support staff and took my first vacation with my husband in 2 years! So many amazing changes in such a short time. I’m more energized and excited about what I am doing in a way I wouldn’t have believed possible in the past. Thank you to Kate.

– Amy Bradbury

“I called my husband 3 times within an hour to tell him I had just booked another client!”

I am so happy I signed on for the Quick Cash Infusion Summer School with Kate Beeders. It was not originally on my agenda for the summer, but I was curious about the program so I took a leap of faith. Honestly, I was skeptical about how powerful the tapping experience would be, but much to my surprise and delight, there were huge payoffs. First of all, I had the best month of my business during the month of July. One day I called my husband 3 times within an hour to tell him I had just booked another client! Secondly, I found the tapping very useful in helping me feel calm and focused which is huge for a busy entrepreneur. ”

I loved the environment Kate created within the community of participants. There was so much positive energy I felt really encouraged and supported. Most importantly, however, I found Kate to be a very warm, energetic and savvy mentor. Brava Kate! Thanks so much.

– Heather Poduska, Brand Strategist

"I went from being on unemployment to billing for $8000."

I started with Kate with a 3-hour intensive coaching and immediately signed up for the 9-month program in November 2012. At that time, I was still on unemployment, had given a few parenting courses and had no regular coaching clients. By the end of the nine-month program with Kate, I went from being on unemployment to billing for $8000 in August when my program with Kate officially ended. Naturally I signed up for another program with Kate. Kate's blend of working with mental beliefs, attitudes and blocks as well as the very practical tips combined with gentle yet clear and firm pushing to take action has been ideal for my style. And then there's the great support and cheerleading for steps taken, the steps one tends to downplay. My confidence and my vision for my business have grown exponentially. Choosing Kate from all the coaching offers and making the investment in myself and my business has been a wise and rewarding choice.

- Kathleen Hennessey


“I feel much better and more in control of my business and ability to make money when I need it.”

First – I have had a wonderful time this summer in your QCI summer school. As I have said I was skeptical at first, but I am amazed at what has happened this summer.

Second – Since the course started I have made in extra income, savings, surprise influxes of money, and new clients over 2,000 dollars!!! I gained a new client, connected with wonderful and inspirational people through the calls and forum, and got over my “calling” people fear. I have a plan to market my upcoming workshop in September, and I feel much better and more in control of my business and ability to make money when I need it.

It has truly been a fun and positive experience. I really did not know much about tapping beforehand, but now I see the real benefit. I also have been getting those “excited” feelings more than “anxiety” feeling. Thank you to Kate and everyone in the group.

–  Laura Klekler

"...closing my first client in less than 2 weeks!"

When I joined Kate Beeders Brilliance Coaching Program I was pretty sure that I knew where I was going and what I wanted to achieve... yet I kept hitting brick walls and stand-offs. It was a nightmare!

Once I started working with Kate, I saw how much progress and action others were taking and I had to ask "why isn't it working with me?" With Kate's help I was able to identify that I was going down a road that I wasn't passionate about and wasn't feeding my soul.

Once I made the connection to what I truly wanted to do, with Kate's help and support of her accountability team I was able to increase my income from almost nothing, to building my list, getting on the phone and having sales conversations and closing my first client in less than 2 weeks!

I highly recommend Kate Beeders!

– Johnilee Whiteside

– Ruth Baker

–  Barbara Trautlein, PhD

“I’m much better at saying “I can”, instead of saying ‘I can’t’.”

Since taking this course, Kate has helped me to focus on the issues that are important and make my heart’s desires realities. As a result of what I have learned, my workshops are filled; I offered my first workshop for international students, something I’ve long wanted to do, and I am working on a product to sell online. I’m much better at saying “I can”, instead of saying “I can’t.

On the personal side, at the end of the day instead of fretting over the tasks still on the To Do List. I find myself grateful for all that I accomplished, both large and small. Kate has also taught me a way to deal with the stresses that come up in my day-to-day life so I stay calmer and happier.

–  Janet Parnes

"....began to work with Kate. Immediately (and I mean immediately!) I saw results."

I absolutely love the business I've built. And I believe in it. I know that my products and services are vital to the women we serve. But something was holding me back, and I didn't know what it was. I'd been in sales, and had been a VP at a major investment firm, so I thought I had everything I needed to create a successful business, but it just wasn't working the way I knew it should. So I listened to the little voice in my head, and began to work with Kate. Immediately (and I mean immediately!) I saw results. I launched programs and gained clients, and grew my community. She and I worked together to uncover the beliefs that had been holding me back, and then cleared them through tapping. We set achievable goals and plowed through them so I could move on to even bigger and better things for myself and my business.”

- Kiva Leatherman

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