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Success Stories

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“I don’t have words for the magnitude of what was instilled within me.”

I left Pennsylvania looking for an adventure, knowledge, and a new experience. What I came home with were FRIENDS. SUPPORT. JOY. Memories and enlightenment. I was introduced to the most amazing entrepreneurs who have vision, faith, and love. I am grateful for the experience. I am grateful I got to enjoy the company of the many I came in contact with. I don’t have words for the magnitude of what was instilled within me. I learned more about myself, about where I want to take my business and how I can help others to a greater level. For this Thank you to you all. Many blessings and much love! THANK YOU for assisting with this experience of a lifetime! THANK YOU!

– Jen Casper

“This program really works…”

I joined QCI because I was feeling there was never enough money in my business, or in my life. I created an initial goal to manifest $2,400, then I made it a more realistic goal of $1,000. I gave myself 4 months in which to meet this goal. With the help of Kate and QCI, I was able to quickly (less than 2 months) and easily manifest over $2,600!​

Not only that, I’m showing up in a bigger way, taking bigger risks, stepping out of my comfort zone, and taking action to propel my business forward. I taught a class and created 2 MP3’s that I will use on my website. Plus, I have decided to hire a VA!​

The tapping is amazing! Kate is very experienced and results oriented. She will bring you into your Abundance! I highly recommend this course and Kate!​

– Angela Quinty, BS LDN
Be Balanced Nutrition and Wellness Consulting​

“All before my target date and exceeding my initial goal…”

When I met Kate, I had just launched my coaching business. I was in desperate need of support and direction. I joined her Quick Cash Infusion program and set a goal to create a quick cash infusion of $3,000 within 3 months. Fearing I wasn’t being realistic, I changed it to $1,000. ​

During the time I worked with Kate, I created a class that brought in $500, signed on 5 clients on retainer, and manifested money through forgotten retirement accounts. Not only was I able to reach my $1,000 goal early, I was able to manifest the whole $3,000 before the end of 3 months. I was able to pay my bills and continue to have new business opportunities come my way. All before my target date and exceeding my initial goal. Kate is a gem to work with and I look forward to a long relationship.

– Nicole Lewis-Keebler​

“Kate’s teleseries was a perfect solution for me.”

It is unlike any other business or success coaching I’ve seen. Kate’s combination of tapping along with creative business coaching is extremely productive. I saw immediate results after the first session with three new client appointments. Many have commented on how my practice has grown and developed in the last few months since I started the SBMM teleseries.

– Marie Sparks
Financial Advisor

“I’ve made such huge transformations in clarity, confidence, ability to charge what I’m worth.”

I just have to say this: I love you, Kate Beeders. You make complex things so simple. You hold our feet to the fire in the most loving, gentle way. You’re intuitive, authentic, smart as a whip, and really, really cute. 😉 I’m so glad I read the email about the MAIC (Money Attraction Inner Circle) and decided to join. I’ve made such huge transformations in clarity, confidence, ability to charge what I’m worth and stand in that power, and all in a short amount of time. Thank you for all that you do. You are a rare gem and the real deal.

– Sandra Gardner

“The results are priceless.”

Kate is very good, quick and efficient. Her work is very much about Be, Do, Have. Expect massive energy shifts and major breakthroughs. To quote Master Card the results are “priceless”.

– Andrew Joy

“I highly recommend you work with Kate if you want your business to grow fast and easy.”

I started my coaching business only to realize I did nothave the business skills I needed. Working with Kate (privately and in her Money Attraction Inner Circle) has been so helpful. She gives me really useful business tips and uses tapping to help me with my blocks. She comes up with all these fantastic ideas on how to expand my business. Since working with Kate, I have become more comfortable with the following areas of marketing my business: attending networking meetings, my elevator speech, follow up with prospects and so much more. In fact, I recently decided it was time for me to raise my rates! I highly recommend you work with Kate if you want your business to grow fast and easy.

– Monica Bozinov

“This was one of the best investments I have ever made.”

I started working with Kate to help me grow my business and work on blocks, such as, procrastination. Not only did Kate help me eliminate those blocks and grow my business, Kate also helped me stabilize some of the aspects of my personal life. This was very important because if my personal life is not stabilized, it will effect my business. Kate’s help has been dramatic through her techniques to help me. I’ve worked with Kate as a private client and in her Rapid Cash & Success Solutions program. She is an incredible individual. This was one of the best investments I have ever made.

– Gary McKay

“I was stuck and unclear on which path to take as a health coach. Kate’s mindset genius catalyzed a huge “AHA! moment” when everything clicked into place. I am now laser clear and totally in love with the new direction and possibility of my business!”

“Kate, your coaching helped pull things together when I started to market my business. When I compare where I was with where I am now – there is a huge new energy! My sales call yesterday was so smooth, so easy with what you taught me… I could not believe it could be that easy! My mind was in a swirl and you helped me get laser clear. Your mindset expertise was what attracted me to seek your coaching in the first place – and you really delivered!

I am sorry it took so long to get you this testimonial, but I’ve been so busy with the new influx of clients since our work together!”

– Donna Kuck DVM

“I was able get past barriers, decide what would make me happy and move in that direction.”

I went to Kate for things that were personal. Through our work I was able to put aside history and focus on the things I wanted to do in life. I was able get past barriers, decide what would make me happy and move in that direction. She has great skills in sensing my energy and realizing when I was saying things I didn’t truly believe. I greatly appreciate the work we have done together and know I will always carry it with me.

– Andy Webber

“Working with Kate was invaluable to me.”

Working with Kate was invaluable to me in the early stages of setting up my new EFT practice. Being part of the Money Attraction Inner Circle gave me the focus, tools and support that I needed to be able to move forward and clearly define my vision. I was able to work out the steps that I needed to take and remove any blocks along the way. I hadn’t realized how much I was procrastinating but was able to recognize this with Kate’s help and tap through the blocks so that I could be more productive each day. I now have much more clarity, focus and drive towards running my business.

– Leanne Jones
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner


“It was the best investment ever!”

Thank you Kate for your Rapid Cash & Success System Course! I needed focus, organization, positive reinforcement and inspiration. That was exactly my experience… Rapid Cash in my 14+ year real estate career with transactions closed and more in the pipe line with new clients and past clients continuing to surface who are excited to work with me. I was astounded how fast Kate’s processes, techniques and new strategies worked for me. It was the best investment ever!

I’m more energized, confident and excited about my real estate career than ever before knowing there are endless possibilities and there is no limit to my income. As a result of the course and practiced techniques, I am releasing my old limiting stories and now focus on my new success stories. There is still enough time to enjoy the fruits of my labor and go away on vacations, enjoy the beach, work in the garden and more! Kate has been instrumental in helping me realize my dreams in a short amount of time. Thank You Kate!

– Anna Calderone

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