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Free Training with 5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Bottom Line


Throughout the year I hold a variety of different style of events in different locations.

Charge What You’re Worth:

3 Keys For Frustrated Entrepreneurs/Service Professionals Who Are Ready To Quickly Breakthrough Their Invisible Financial Glass Ceiling NOW!:

Most entrepreneurs start their own business because they are following their passion. The problem is that their income level doesn’t match their level of expertise.

During this powerful presentation by Kate Beeders, attendees learn how to shift their relationship with money (it’s time to return that old story to the library and write a new one), how to determine the magic price point that potential clients are magnetized by and how to come from a place of confidence while increasing their rates. (If you’re a business professional, you can still attend and learn how to increase your income!)

Stop offering discounts, trades and giving it away…it’s time to get paid what you’re worth!

Tickets are $35 – 24 hours in advance

This event is being held at the beautiful Liquid Art House, 100 Arlington Street, Boston. Parking is: LAZ Parking Lot at 109 Arlington Street.

Join us for networking, hors d’oeuvres and an informative session in the beautiful Liquid Art House. Cash bar is available. Seating is limited for this August 23rd 6:30-8:30 pm workshop. All attendees must pre-register. Questions about the workshop: Info@KateBeeders.com

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Money Acceleration Retreat:What if Everything You’ve Been Taught About Making Money was wrong?

I believe making money fast is not only possible, but the way it’s supposed to be.

In fact, it’s natural to make money quickly.

But most people buy into “the story” that making money is hard.

It’s not that anyone wanted to keep you struggling when they told you that story.

Join an exclusive group of 5 entrepreneurs for…

Conversations to Clients Live™:

Attracting clients is easy when you let your true brilliance shine. Join us at this one-of-a-kind transformational event. Learn to throw out your “sales script” and connect authentically with your ideal clients. At Conversations to Clients Live™, you’ll be learning to master sales while you clear out your internal objections.

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