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Imagine, hopping on a sales call with total confidence.

Feeling great about what you can offer your prospect, and knowing you can deliver.

Asking for the credit card information without a HINT of fear… and GETTING IT every time.

Soon, against the stunning backdrop of one of Boston’s most beautiful retreat centers, a select group of heart-centered entrepreneurs will gather and learn to use their brilliance as a bridge to breakthrough sales. This powerful and transformational seminar is led by the Breakthrough Expert and founder of Brilliance Builders™, Kate Beeders!

Will you be there?


Conversations to Clients LIVE™ isn’t your typical weekend sales seminar.

Because let’s be honest- those seminars ONLY deal with half of the problem and they just don’t work.


Because most sales training puts the emphasis on the CLIENT.

That’s the old way.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

This seminar was designed for savvy entrepreneurs like you who are ready to transform themselves into masters of their inner game, uncovering and overcoming the self-designed obstacles standing in the way of their success.

Take back the reigns and STOP RELYING ON THE SCRIPT.

I’m sure there are sales coaches out there who would not be happy to hear that, but it’s the truth.

When you finally tap into your ZONE OF BRILLIANCE, you’ve mastered the only sales strategy you really need.

Imagine, finally making the impact – and the income – that you deserve without feeling like an imposter, or worse, a desperate one!?

Can’t IMAGINE enjoying sales conversations or being comfortable speaking in front of hundreds of people about your expertise?

When you step into your Zone of Brilliance, it’s EASY for you to make your offer.

Think about it –

when you are passionate about a new trend, a new restaurant, or a new book, it’s EASY to tell your friends how amazing it is, right?

The same is true for your signature work.

But I’m guessing you’re feeling a little confused about that elusive zone.

Do you ever find yourself falling into the “discount trap?” – practically giving away your knowledge or product just to gain clients?

Don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of us.

And you might be coming up with reasons this keeps happening to you.

Things like:

  • I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of selling
  • I worry that I am charging too much
  • I just seem to attract people who have no money
  • There’s just too much competition in my niche

The truth?

There are only two reasons people fail to close the sale:

They don’t what to say
They aren’t clear on the value of their offer.

What does that mean?

Selling is an opportunity for you to share your expertise – the very thing that makes you tick – with someone else who can benefit from it.

When you believe in your work wholeheartedly, and know how to shift your thinking to transfer that enthusiasm to your prospect, you’ve found your zone AND your greatest sales strategy.

And the stuff sells itself.

This program is going to get to the core of the fear and self-doubt that have been holding you back from earning what you’re worth, and remove those obstacles once and for all.

Looking to have the emphasis be all about jumping through hoops just to get someone to say “yes” to you.

Sorry, that’s not the focus here.

Because you don’t have a successful business if you’re constantly giving away your services or working with less than ideal clients.

Being told exactly what to say is only the beginning of what’s needed for successful sales conversations.

Scripts are USELESS without a solid handle on your MINDSET when it comes to sales.

But, if you’re ready to get rid of your internal objections and uncover the gifted sales person you were meant to be – the person whose brilliance shines through everything you do –

then you need to be a part of this.

“When the “Conversations to Clients” method emerged, I knew it was brilliant…”

When I started working with Kate, I immediately knew she had a very unique expertise and background. She could quickly get to the bottom of exactly why someone was not getting results with their sales conversations and how to ‘fix’ it! When the “Conversations to Clients” method emerged, I knew it was brilliant and was going to help many business owners to stop the struggle with getting clients. Here’s the most critical part of Kate’s approach. You can be doing all kinds of marketing and sales activities, but the moment a potential client is in front of you it’s easy to let your own sh*t get in the way. Kate’s method goes to the root of the issue and you experience amazing and permanent transformation. It should be part of every entrepreneurial course out there!

– Milana Leshinsky

“Working with Kate has been an amazing secret weapon.

– Monica Shah
Money and Marketing Expert

Closing new clients is EASY when you believe in your own worth and know your own voice.

In a nutshell?

This is a seminar for people who want to get to the heart of their hesitations.

Yes, you’re going to learn how to be successful in sales, but NOT in the way you’re used to.

In other words, get ready to be so confidently connected to what you’re selling that you don’t even FEEL like you’re making an offer.

You’re going to release those blocks within. Whether it’s a deep-seated sense of not feeling worthy, or a lack of self-confidence, or anything in between – you will have a major, light-bulb breakthrough and begin to finally understand that these obstacles are just stories you’ve made up, and that you can indeed rewrite the ending!


When you learn to master your inner game, your business isn’t the only thing that will change.

Your WHOLE LIFE will change.

Yes, you will finally ENJOY your sales conversations from a new and empowered place of confidence and brilliance.

But what’s more, that easy confidence and brilliance will spill over into other areas of your business plus your personal life.

It’s a priceless fusion of personal growth and business strategy – and THAT is a killer combination for leadership and success!


A few words from Kate…

I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been in your shoes. I was an introvert who had to literally learn to knock on doors and pick up the phone to make cold calls. The very thought of it made me so uncomfortable and filled me with dread. But, I had to master sales or I wouldn’t eat. And that meant my adorable Cairn Terrier, Cali, wouldn’t eat either (and she really likes her treats!).

In the beginning, I was giving away my services or, at best, offering trades or discounts. I was doing just about everything except owning my true value.

It was easier that way. Or so I thought. But guess what happened?

I started to get really angry (yup, I admit it) when I’d see the fantastic results my clients were getting – practically for free! And, I wasn’t making any money.

Believe me, that is not a fun way to feel every day!

It was hard for me to get clients to say yes at full price because I didn’t believe anyone would pay me what I really wanted to charge!

Then it clicked.

I learned the one thing holding me back from getting more sales… was myself.

It had more to do with me than the person with whom I was speaking. That was a huge breakthrough.

I realized that my own self-doubts and fears were in my way and keeping me stuck where I was. These came out in thoughts like, “Am I truly worth that much?” And “Will I really be able to help this person like I claim I can?”

After this realization, I made some changes. I began to believe in my talent and expertise. I owned my own brilliance.

I also became a proponent of the Law of Attraction. I was done attracting the negative into my life.

Instead, I told myself over and over that I deserved success and abundance!

This changed everything for me.

I began to ENJOY my conversations with clients. I knew I was giving value. I was aligned with what I was doing. And my authenticity and expertise came through. Clients KNEW I was worth their hard-earned money.

I went from giving it away to earning six figures in the beginning of year two.

And even better, my self-confidence wasn’t eroded any time someone said “no thanks,” because I knew the next ‘yes!” was right around the corner.

And now I want to teach you how I did it. You’ll learn in just two days the secrets of transformation that it took me years to learn (not to mention lots and lots of private coaching sessions!).

The secrets that end the struggle and get to the YES!

Here’s what I need you to know. Most entrepreneurs complain about not having consistent income. What they don’t realize is that mastering sales conversations is best and fastest path to profitability. This is one area in your business where your list size, team size, technology level or financial resources don’t matter and aren’t really needed to be successful. All you need is the deep understanding and education of the sales conversation.


Did you know…

That the online coaching industry is a $100 BILLION-dollar industry


90% of online businesses fail within the first year.

In 10 years, only 10% of those have made a profit.

It just doesn’t add up.

If so many people are seeking help online, why are so many entrepreneurs struggling to stay afloat?

There are a lot of reasons, but the main one is that they focus on the wrong steps in the wrong order.


There are really only two things you need to grow (and keep) a phenomenal business:

An ideal client who already wants what you have to sell…


The ability to help them recognize that.

And that ability absolutely depends on your self-confidence and believing that what you’re offering is valuable!

If you don’t, your voice (and body language if you’re meeting in person or onstage) will betray you every time.

That’s why the lessons you’ll learn at Conversations to Clients LIVE™ are so important. They’re about more than “the pitch.”

You are going to change the way you see yourself which automatically changes the signals you send out to others.

“”I raised my prices 100%!””

– Brandy Sales

Register NOW for Special Pricing of just $197 and a Fast Action Bonus – my first 10 registrants will receive a personal strategy call with me completely free – a $600 value.

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But why listen to me?

I’ve dedicated myself to helping entrepreneurs achieve success on their own terms through shining a light on their brilliance and breaking through their self-imposed obstacles.

I’ve written a best-selling book. I’ve become a sought-after speaker and have had close to one million people listen to one of my talks via the miracle of the internet. I’m an internationally known Breakthrough Expert and use the best of marketing strategies and mindset techniques (Tapping, Law of Attractions and others). I earn enough money to live the life I want to live.

But these accomplishments pale in comparison to the sense of joy I feel when I see a client finally “get it,” when they understand that they are valuable and what they have to offer is valuable…and they turn that confidence into business success!

I’ve been at this for a while, but I haven’t stopped learning. I continue to work at creating a meaningful life and business for myself, and I want to help you do the same.


Register NOW for Special Pricing of just $197 and a Fast Action Bonus – my first 10 registrants will receive a personal strategy call with me completely free – a $600 value.

Are you in?

Part 1: Time to Start Your Transformation!

We’ll begin with an overview designed to get you excited about the work that lies ahead and set you up for success. Meet your fellow attendees and understand that this is a safe space to share ideas and struggles.

You’ll leave our first session already more confident that you can overcome the obstacles you’ve set in your own path and being to approach everything with your eyes open wide.

Part 2: No More “Hide & Seek”

You will be learning where to find your ideal clients and how to engage them in discovery (aka “strategy”) sessions. You’ll learn why this is a numbers game that you can play to win without being a mathematical scholar. There’s a formula you need to know to make the money you want to make. Once you put this formula into practice, you’re golden. Without it, you’ll always be crying that you don’t have enough income. Every entrepreneur cries that they don’t have enough money, this formula is a game-changer and creates more predictability in your income.

“I called my husband 3 times within an hour to tell him I had just booked another client! “

Heather Poduska, Brand Strategist

Part 3: The “Script”

Having this format will give you the foundation for what to say during a sales conversation. You’ll be given a guideline of what to say in a sales conversation aka: “the script”. These are the same questions that I ask my clients during each and every strategy session. The difference in how this is being taught is that you’ll learn how to make this authentically yours. Otherwise, it creates a huge disconnect from the initial getting to know someone to making the offer. Stop stumbling over your words or feeling uncomfortable. Instead, show up confident and in charge. Magnetize your ideal client to say “yes” over and over again.

Part 4: You’ve Got The Power

Objections will happen over and over again. You might even know that they’re coming yet you still get stumped when that happens. “I don’t have the money”….”I don’t have the time” and all of the other ones. Previously, you’ve probably been thinking you only attract people without money. Once you understand your client’s mindset and don’t get caught up in their story, you’re able to guide them into making a decision from a place of power instead of a place of fear. You’ll feel comfortable and prepared no matter what gets asked of you. In fact, you might even welcome it. Objections are often a sign of interest and when you get the training to understand that you’ll be in control of the conversation.

At the end of Day One, we’ll have an inspiring “SURPRISE” activity during the evening that will fast-track the reset button on your default setting, taking you from old programming to a success mindset that gets the job done!


Part 5: Plowing through the Fear of Rejection and becoming unstoppable!

Learn how to overcome that anxious “pit of the stomach” feeling that grips you when you try to close sales. When you lack self-confidence about your expertise, you hesitate to make calls, telling yourself you don’t want to bother clients at home or work, you’ll call them later, etc. Sound familiar? You are effectively handing your sense of self-worth to someone else for approval! And that’s holding you back from ultimate success.

We are going to work to get to a place where you KNOW that you are brilliant and talented whether or not someone says “yes” to you! Your anxiety over what people think of you and your offerings will automatically disappear when you gain that self-assurance, and make it so much easier for you to pick up the phone.

Part 6: Stop Feeling Like a Fake (Or, Let Your Authentic Self Shine Through)!

I get it. You love what you do, but when it comes to sharing that love with others (i.e., gaining clients), you freeze. When you try to make your pitch to interested-but-not-yet-committed clients, feelings of embarrassment and even shame bubble up inside. In your head, there is a sudden disconnect between presenting your offer and selling your offer, and BOOM – you change the conversation. Your voice changes, betraying your feelings…and you end up once again offering a free trial or other discount.

You’ll learn how to transition yourself away from these emotions and gain a real understanding of the value you truly bring to the right people so you can…

“I’ve raised my rates without any discomfort for the first time ever.”

– Robyn Chuter

Part 7: Charge What You’re Worth Without Worry

“Who would pay this much for my coaching?”

“Can they really afford that?”

“Maybe I need to lower my rate.”

Sound familiar? If so, you are rapidly on your way to feeling depleted and underappreciated… and broke! Your time and expertise are VALUABLE and UNIQUE.

Spend some time changing your personal relationship to money and start believing that yes, people WILL pay for your skill set.

We’ll conclude on Day 2 with a Q and A session during which you can ask me ANY question you have about your business and get the personal answer you came for!

You haven’t attended a seminar like this before.

You won’t leave with a feeling of overwhelm or not knowing where to start. If anything, you’ll be feeling the complete opposite!

That’s because at the end of these two days you’ll be a different person – a person who is excited about what is ahead and who KNOWS deep down that they have something of value to offer others.

Enthusiasm and belief in yourself is contagious. People are going to want what you have. Not just your product, but your success, self-confidence, and connection between your passion and your business.


And, if you are one of the first ten attendees to sign up, you will receive a personal follow-up call with me at no charge…a $600 value that will allow you to get the custom action plan and VIP treatment you deserve.

I’m ready – sign me up!

Remember, we are limiting the number of attendees at this seminar. The smaller size ensures a greater level of personal interaction and allows for a safe space, where you can get real-time help with the struggles and obstacles you’re facing!

Got Questions? Contact us here.

Here are just a few of the breakthroughs you can expect from Conversations to Clients LIVE™:

  • Transforming self-doubt into self-confidence
  • Overcoming your inner blocks about positioning yourself as an expert who is “worth it”- Spoiler alert! You are probably already aware of some of your blocks. But some of the biggest business wreckers are the blocks you don’t even know you have. I am going to tell you how to find THOSE sneaky conversion killers!!
  • Actually enjoying your sales conversations (because you BELIEVE in what you’re saying!)
  • The secret to turning a “not now” into a future “yes!” (****This is NOT your typical “how to overcome objections” training. People are onto that stuff and see it coming a mile away. We are going DEEP and showing you how to peel back the layers of emotion that happen in decision making and connect your gifts to THEIR needs.)
  • Creating a relationship with your money that keeps it flowing to you
  • A clear and powerful internal connection to your offer that transfers seamlessly to your potential client (at the beginning they may not get it, but by the end, they’ll wonder where you’ve been all their life!)
  • Harnessing the Law of Attraction to help you attract only the most ideal clients for you

And the biggest breakthrough?

Finally understanding your personal ZONE OF BRILLIANCE — what it is, where to find it, how to use it and how it relates to EVERYTHING you do in your business.

Don’t take that lightly. On the internet, blending in is the kiss of death.

This seminar is about you, mastering your mindset, breaking through your success ceiling and connecting to your unique value.

That’s the secret to standing out in a sea of sameness.

Here are just a few things that will radically change when you get into your zone:

  • You will STOP struggling with the words to describe your business
  • You will STOP worrying about the competition (Every zone is COMPLETELY unique so there simply is no competition.)
  • You will START showing up Powerfully and confidently to every conversation, with the enthusiastic energy of sharing your passion RATHER than the desperate energy of the hard sell.
  • You will START applying the principles of the Law of Attraction not just to work but to life, as you’ll start to see how mastering your inner game is the very best and most empowering way to create the freedom lifestyle that you’ve been day dreaming about.

I am privileged to have helped thousands of people break through to their own brilliance and confidently earn what they’re worth!

I’m looking forward to helping YOU next!

If you love what you do, but need to gain the confidence that OTHERS will love it too, I encourage you to sign up today for Conversations to Clients LIVE™. You’ll emerge more inspired than ever, free of all the inner obstacles that have been keeping you from the success you deserve.

You’ll return home basking in the brilliance you’ve finally unleashed.

If you’re tired of seeing of other entrepreneurs (sometimes ones with even less experience than you) close clients fearlessly while you feel “stuck in the mud,” take these two days to find out how to transform that feeling!

You will. And I’m going to show you how to do it.

I can’t wait to see you in July!

Be Brilliant,


Other Seminar Highlights:

  • Beautiful, restful locale (including a gorgeous swan-filled lake) Renewal requires retreat! Sometimes you’ve got to gift yourself with a change of scenery to cultivate a change in mindset!
  • Amazing food (lunch is included on both session days)
  • Strategies and tips to move forward into your Zone of Brilliance (These are mini-bonus breakthroughs that you’ll want to write down and start using right away!)
  • The chance to make lasting connections with other driven, heart-centered, and forward thinking entrepreneurs. Many women who attend our seminars end up being life-long friends and even business partners!


Travel Information

The Boston area is beautiful in the springtime!
Our venue in Wellesley, Massachusetts, the Wellesley College Club, was chosen for its serene and relaxing atmosphere. It’s our hope that you’ll be inspired by it! Room rates start at $140 per night (while available).

Conversations to Clients LIVE Seminar™

July 15 – 16, 2020 in Wellesley, MA

Ticket Price: $997


$197 Pay in Full

Register NOW for Special Pricing of just $497 and a Fast Action Bonus – my first 10 registrants will receive a personal strategy call with me completely free – a $600 value.

Still need convincing?

Check out what Kate had to say during her Live Facebook Training about sales conversations


A few words from past attendees and clients…

“If you’re looking to grow your business then Kate Beeders is the coach for you.”

What a gift it is to find a coach who has extensive knowledge in the business world and is an expert tapping coach. If you’re looking to grow your business then Kate Beeders is the coach for you.

– Jessica Ortner

“Kate is a powerful and inspiring person.”

Kate is a powerful and inspiring person. She has used her techniques to change her life dramatically, and she can do the same for you. I highly recommend her!

– Sandra Anne Taylor
NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of QUANTUM SUCCESS
Hay House Author/Radio Show Host


“I learned so much!”

Conversations To Clients Live™ is awesome! I learned so much and it was so much fun…filled with lots of energy. I would recommend this to anyone looking to take their business to the next level

– Terri Lodge

"Revenue is up more than 50% from last year at this time."

I joined the Brilliance Coaching Program because I wanted to earn more money AND work fewer hours each week so that I had more time to spend with my family. I knew that I couldn't make the changes I needed to make on my own - without a coach to help me I would continue to wear myself into the ground! I met Kate and was immediately drawn to her style of coaching and inspired by the results she produces.

Revenue is up more than 50% from last year at this time, and I am on track to meet my income goals AND achieve the work/life balance I have been striving for. I recommend working with Kate to everyone I know who is looking to get unstuck in their business FAST!

– Leise Jones

“Working with Kate privately helped me stay focused, calm and in control so I was able to have the events be a 6-figure success.”

Having a successful coaching business brings it share of successes and challenges, including the planning and hosting of my large 3 day workshops. Working with Kate privately helped me stay focused, calm and in control so I was able to have the events be a 6-figure success. My business has grown to an even higher level, and I’m very appreciative of the support and positive changes that Kate’s coaching provided.

– Robert Notter

"I am thrilled that I did gain more clients and raised my rates."

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. It has been a tremendous learning experience. You are an incredible mentor. Your wisdom and kindness are exceptional. I am thrilled that I did gain more clients and raised my rates!! You helped me build confidence, clarity and more discipline in my daily practice. You are a wealth of ideas and a brilliant business strategist. I already miss the community. I hope to be part of your community again.

– Linda Tighe

"I went from being on unemployment to billing for $8000."

I started with Kate with a 3-hour intensive coaching and immediately signed up for the 9-month program in November 2012. At that time, I was still on unemployment, had given a few parenting courses and had no regular coaching clients. By the end of the nine-month program with Kate, I went from being on unemployment to billing for $8000 in August when my program with Kate officially ended. Naturally I signed up for another program with Kate. Kate's blend of working with mental beliefs, attitudes and blocks as well as the very practical tips combined with gentle yet clear and firm pushing to take action has been ideal for my style. And then there's the great support and cheerleading for steps taken, the steps one tends to downplay. My confidence and my vision for my business have grown exponentially. Choosing Kate from all the coaching offers and making the investment in myself and my business has been a wise and rewarding choice.

- Kathleen Hennessey


"...closing my first client in less than 2 weeks!"

When I joined Kate Beeders Brilliance Coaching Program I was pretty sure that I knew where I was going and what I wanted to achieve... yet I kept hitting brick walls and stand-offs. It was a nightmare!

Once I started working with Kate, I saw how much progress and action others were taking and I had to ask "why isn't it working with me?" With Kate's help I was able to identify that I was going down a road that I wasn't passionate about and wasn't feeding my soul.

Once I made the connection to what I truly wanted to do, with Kate's help and support of her accountability team I was able to increase my income from almost nothing, to building my list, getting on the phone and having sales conversations and closing my first client in less than 2 weeks!

I highly recommend Kate Beeders!

– Johnilee Whiteside

“You may be shocked about what you learn about yourself!”

If you’re looking for the next step in your business, this is the next step to your next step. I learned some things about myself which I didn’t realize were holding me back, which I know I can address. You may be shocked about what you learn about yourself.

– Evan Landry,

“….began to work with Kate. Immediately (and I mean immediately!) I saw results.”

I absolutely love the business I’ve built. And I believe in it. I know that my products and services are vital to the women we serve. But something was holding me back, and I didn’t know what it was. I’d been in sales, and had been a VP at a major investment firm, so I thought I had everything I needed to create a successful business, but it just wasn’t working the way I knew it should. So I listened to the little voice in my head, and began to work with Kate. Immediately (and I mean immediately!) I saw results. I launched programs and gained clients, and grew my community. She and I worked together to uncover the beliefs that had been holding me back, and then cleared them through tapping. We set achievable goals and plowed through them so I could move on to even bigger and better things for myself and my business.”

– Kiva Leatherman


Can I bring a friend or co-worker?
Once you register, you will receive a welcome email that includes a link to invite your friend or co-worker at an extraordinary price of $147. As a bonus, their conference materials and delicious buffet lunch are included, too. The only caveat is that this link is only available while we have space at the event. We recommend you use this link as soon as you register to ensure there is still space.
Will I learn how to run a sales conversation from beginning to end?
Yes! But not in the way that you are used to. MOST sales training are 100% focused on reading the mind of the client. That’s the old way. The new (and easier, more effective way) is to make the conversation about YOU. That’s right. You are going to learn how to be so connected to your own brilliance, your own work, your own confidence that the sales calls flow effortlessly in the direction you want them to go!
I tend to fumble my words. Will I get some sales scripts that I can use?
All the sales systems and scripts in the world won’t work for you until you identify and overcome your internal objections that come up for you during a sales process! You are not going to walk away with a binder full of notes that can’t possibly be universally applicable, as every client is different! What you WILL walk away with is complete clarity on how to present your offer in a way that feels GREAT to you, and a must-have to THEM!
I want to be clear about that. You don’t need scripts when you have clarity!
If I get home from the seminar and I have questions, will I be able to ask them?
You bet! I am a big believer that speaking up is vital to success so I would never want you to keep those questions to yourself! That’s why the first 10 registrants will get a private coaching call with me to take place after the seminar ($600 value).
I am a little worried about spending the money to travel for this. I guess I am looking for a guarantee!
Here’s the truth- can I guarantee that you’ll make at least $50,000 within the first month of attending the seminar? Of course, not, and anyone who makes that promise to you is full of you know what. It’s the reason so many events don’t fill up the second time around—because the promises they made just didn’t work!
Here’s what I CAN guarantee. I can guarantee that you will stop dreading the sales conversations because you will finally feel totally confident and connected to your offer and finally know exactly how to talk about it in a way that feels great to you and makes it an easy yes for them.
And when you can do that? Your income will increase. It’s a no-brainer!