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***During this highly interactive and participatory event, Kate will be weaving current events into the subject to help attendees work through fears and stress regarding the Coronavirus situation***

March 2020


One of my big superpowers is that I’m able to help individuals quickly shift out of negative emotions (i.e., fear, stress, scarcity) into a place of confidence and abundance.

Why is that important? When you’re feeling afraid, it’s harder to take action. And when you do finally act, you often do from a place of desperation. That’s because you don’t feel safe. When you’re feeling confident, you’re likely to take more expansive and strategic action from a place of power. Consequently, you will produce superior and more meaningful results without having to give away your services. Results that are authentic to who you are.

I can help you move into a place of confidence (quickly and despite a barrage of bad news).

Be Brilliant,


(Due to Coronavirus concerns)

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Event: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm ET


What was the last goal you set in your life?

Undertake a new opportunity in your business/career? Speak on stage? Plan for a big adventure? Create a partnership? Write a book? Eat healthier and exercise more? Save up for a down payment, car, vacation or other big expense? Ask for a promotion? Start a business? Grow your family?

Big or small, short term or long term, I know there are things you want. It’s human nature to have a wish list.

But, how often are you achieving your goals? How often do those wishes become a reality?

It’s common to set goals and even more common to give up on them. Right? It’s common to be inspired by those around us, but almost just as common to fall ill to comparisonitis – that icky feeling that starts as envy and ends with self-doubt.


You know you are meant for more…so how did you get into this mess?

You’ve been taught to set goals and be practical.

Take it one day at a time, they say.

Start with baby steps, they say.

But the problem is that when you’re baby stepping your goals, it takes extra-long and

We all know what happens then…

The longer the time span, the wider the door opens to excuses.

You know what I’m talking about.

“I’m too old now…”

“There isn’t enough money left…”

“Too many people are already doing it…”

“I just don’t have the time now, life is too busy…”

You think other people are already running the business you dreamed of, so you give up. You see your neighbor doing a better job than you ever imagined you could do, so you give up. Or you see your friends on Facebook posting about their weight loss, fancy vacations, cars and successful jobs, so you convince yourself that they are the lucky ones.

Why would you tip-toe when you could LEAP?

Did you know there is a better way to reach your goals that is infinitely faster, more powerful and more fulfilling than any “baby-step, chunking it down” goal setting system out there?

The Quantum Leap!

Quantum leapers know that the energy, the motivation and the mindset needed to make and achieve goals is infinitely more powerful than the paper and logistics.

So, what is a quantum leap? It’s a leap from point A to point B without passing through anything between the two.

The most successful people in the world are quantum leapers.

They leap, knowing that their mindset has been fully optimized to bring forth the clarity, the action steps and the tools of manifestation that will guarantee a successful result!

Yet most people don’t do this because they are scared. They decide along the way that there is “no way that will ever happen for me.” They are terrified of failure. Terrified of putting everything they’ve got (money, time, energy, etc.) into one goal.

So what happens next? Expectations are lowered, and they revert to stepping carefully. They start refusing quantum leaps and miss out on what could happen.

But I’m here to tell you that YOU can do this. You can learn to take quantum leaps (yes, more than one). You’ve just got to learn a few key principles.

How do I know quantum leaps work?

I’m Kate, and I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve set personal, educational and career goals all my life and helped hundreds and hundreds of clients do the same.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping entrepreneurs and professionals achieve success on their own terms through shining a light on their brilliance and breaking through their self-imposed obstacles.

  • I’ve written a best-selling book.
  • I’ve become a sought-after speaker and have had over half a million people listen to one of my talks via the miracle of the internet.
  • I’m an internationally known Breakthrough Expert and use the best of marketing strategies and mindset techniques (Tapping, Law of Attractions, Neuroscience and others).
  • I earn enough money to live the life I want to live.

But I didn’t baby-step ANY of it!

  • My first year of business, I was a featured presenter on a telesummit with 500,000 listeners. I went for the gold instead of focusing on being interviewed on itty-bitty radio shows.
  • I had a radio show and went for having the best and biggest names in my industry (instead of inviting my next-door neighbor). I had people like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch and many others as guests.
  • My first main stage speaking gig was out of state and in front of 1000 attendees (nope, I didn’t speak first at tiny, neighborhood workshops).
  • My first book was an international best-seller co-authored with Brian Tracy and I was honored on the Red Carpet in Hollywood.
  • Through hosting and being a keynote speaker, I’ve generated multiple-6-figures in revenue in one day many times.
  • My fabulous team has my back and keeps my business running while I take “unplugged” vacations.
  • I’ve built a highly-profitable business and am a member of the 5% entrepreneurial club.

Those are just a few of my quantum leaps. I share them with you not from a place of ego, but to say if I did it (and continue to do it) so can you!

Because my accomplishments pale in comparison to the sense of joy I feel when I see a client finally “get it,” when they understand that they are valuable and what they have to offer is valuable…and they turn that confidence into FAST business success!

“The breakthroughs were fantastic! “

I came to this event to jumpstart my sales and pricing strategies for my business… I left with way more than that! I learned the importance of mindset and how it plays into every aspect of my business. I would recommend one of Kate’s events because it’s the perfect mix of mindset and business coaching and strategy – it could help any business person in any field!

– Kate Glasser, Closet Sessions

The Success of My Clients

I have had clients quantum leap into:

  • Doubling their income after years of being stagnant or in debt
  • Tripling their income that same year
  • Quadrupling their income that same year

(No, that’s not a typo. I want you to see how quickly my clients get results!)

I’m a big believer in building the plane while you fly it. If you don’t know that that means, attend and you will find out!

If I can do it, and my clients can do it…so can you!

Hear some of my message.


Your Breakthrough to Brilliance Day.

I believe that most people (especially women) are blinded by how much brilliance they actually have. As a result, they play a very small game in life. They have less abundance in their lives than they would like. Often, it’s because of a story they tell themselves of what they are worth and what they deserve.

My gift and mission is to change that for as many people as possible who are willing to step out of their Comfort Zone and into their Zone of Brilliance.

Is that you?

That’s why I created your Brilliant Breakthrough Day.

Have you ever put aside a dream because you thought it would never happen for you? Maybe it just seemed like the steps you’d have to take to get there were just too many?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, I can show you how to breakthrough to your brilliance and quantum leap towards your highest vision in one day!

“Kate motivated me to do more with my gift…”

I have been fortunate enough to attend many of Kate’s events. The energy that Kate gives out is one of inspiration, positive, motivational, and uplifting. Kate has a way of not only giving valuable and unique information-but she truly has a gift of inspiring EVERYONE at her events. I observe everyone wanting more and to want to make changes in their businesses.

At this last event I attended, I learned how to charge what I was wort As always, a big thanks to Kate for bringing me many steps closer to where I want to be both personally and with my business.

– Jennifer Brumm, The Artistic Edge Hair Salon

Here’s what we’ll cover during your day of breaking through to your Brilliance:

I. Start At Your Destination.

“Make your decisions from your destination…not your starting point”
~ Kateism

In one day you are going to custom create your very own PASSION STATEMENT.

This is the vision statement that is so big that it excites, energizes and maybe even scares you a bit. This is where you want to go with your business/career and life. Otherwise, what’s the point in leading a small life? If you don’t create your passion statement you will always end up back at bored and unappreciated.

I’m going to teach you the right way of doing this. I’m guessing in the past, you did it the “wrong way” which could be one reason why you didn’t achieve your goals.


And you’re going to walk away knowing what it is once and for all!

I’ll also be sharing with you the Money Acceleration System™ for teaching you how SUPER CHARGE your powers for attracting abundance, clarity and opportunity.

Together we will go through the Brilliant Goal Questionnaire, a series of questions which will provide clarity to ensure you are on target.

If you’ve set a goal that isn’t personal and meaningful, you likely won’t hit it. In our Brilliance Goal Questionnaire, we will flush through all goals together so that you are quantum leaping to the one that is most aligned with your values and vision.

Once you have a definite picture of what you want to achieve, you’ll obtain the clarity you need to move forward. That will make it easier for you to know which direction to go and what to say “yes” to. It will help to save you valuable time, energy, money and other resources along your journey.

II. Timber! Knock Those Blocks Down

“Are you committed…or merely interested in reaching this next level?”
~ Kateism

Most people back away from their goals because their fears, doubts, worries, and beliefs get in the way.

During this session, you’ll experience the extraordinary power of tapping.

Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology that works to transform your brain, energy system and body all at once.

I have yet to find ANY practice that’s as powerful as tapping for FAST and easy breakthroughs!

We will be clearing some of those big, old blocks that are standing between you and the life you know you are meant to live. Some of these limiting and core beliefs you’re already aware of, some will be a total surprise as I take you through a proven process to uncover them.

What excuses have you been telling yourself?

  • This will be too hard
  • There’s too much competition
  • I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked before
  • I don’t want people to get mad at me
  • What if it’s not perfect?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I succeed?
  • What if I don’t know how to do it?
  • What if I get rejected?
  • It’s too stressful and overwhelming
  • Everyone thinks I’m crazy to do this
  • What if, what if, what if…?

How freeing would it be to NEVER struggle with those thoughts again? You’re about to find out.

III. The 4-Step Brilliant Formula that Catalyzes and Facilitates Life Transformations

There are 4 “magic” numbers that you must know if you want to have a quantum leap with your income. I’m going to teach you my proprietary (and proven) Breakthrough Formula that you’ll be able to use over and over again, every time you choose to up level your income.

One of the most important activities we will do during the day, is help you re-write your money story. Here’s the deal. No matter how hard you work or how smart you are, if you’re not aligned with money and abundance, you’ll end up self-sabotaging. Learn how to create a loving partnership with money during this exercise.

Up until now, you’ve had an invisible lid on how much you are able to achieve and receive.

Get ready for the lid to be blown clear off!

What You’ll Leave With At The End Of The Day: A Breakthrough Blueprint with a Step-by-Step Path to Your Quantum Leap Goal!

Your Blueprint includes:

  • Clarity on where you’re going and what your next steps are
  • The powerful ability to tap into your highest mindset as a means of transforming fear and doubt into SUCCESS
  • Unwavering focus on the one goal you know will change everything for you.
  • Concrete tools to Implement Action Immediately
  • A community of support and new friends who will surround you and your goal with the collective energy and brilliance you need to stay on track
  • Relief from the blocks that have been holding you back in the past
  • Your passion statement and your “anchors” to help you tune into it daily for consistent growth and movement.
  • A new level of confidence in who you are and what you deserve, as you will now be operating from a Quantum Mindset.

This Breakthrough Blueprint is the tangible expression of your deepest desire and the map to get it!

You will become aware of new opportunities you never noticed before and leave feeling inspired and motivated to GET WHAT YOU WANT ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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“It’s time to return your old story to the library and write a new one”
~ Kateism


(Due to Coronavirus concerns)

#1 Virtual Coaching call to take place after the event
($150 value)!
#2 Special pricing on next live event!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Event: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm ET

Regular Ticket Price: $297

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Why should I take a day out of my schedule to attend?
This event is unlike any conference or training you’ve ever attended. I can promise you that! See, too often people get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities and short-term goals at work or in life, that they lose sight of the long-term goals and years pass by before they see the success they want (if they ever do). So, take ONE DAY to save yourself the time and heartache and learn how to Quantum Leap to the life you really want. You’ll leave feeling energized and ready to take action! Spending a day away, in a safe environment with like-minded successful people will be encouraging, momentous and just the catalyst you need to breakthrough to your brilliance.
What can I expect to learn?
As the Breakthrough Expert, I guide my clients through amazing results based on my expertise in both marketing strategies (I was a highly successful business development executive in corporate for many years) and the best mindset techniques (which include Tapping, Laws of Attraction, Neuroscience and more). Although, I have many ways of helping you take that Quantum leap, I always trust my intuition on what will be the best way to help you!

This is unlike other events you’ve been to in that it is personal to YOU and YOUR highest vision for your own life.

I don’t know what I want my big leap to be. How can I figure that out?

I find attendees are in 3 categories:

  1. People who know exactly what they want.
  2. Attendees who think they know what they want and decide to change their focus during the event.
  3. People who don’t know what direction to go in or what leap they want to take.

Throughout our Brilliance training you will get the clarity to identify which category you are in and what steps you need to take to reach your goals and take your next quantum leap. Guaranteed.

I’m a little nervous about spending money. How do I know this is worth it?

Clients and friends of mine have paid up to $12,000 for one private VIP Session just like this.
You will be investing only a fraction of that while receiving enormous amounts of coaching and training throughout the day, as well as building relationships and connections with other entrepreneurs, which is priceless!

Register early to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing where you can save $100!

What is tapping and why do I teach it at my events?

I am a multi-certified Tapping Expert and am known for teaching Tapping techniques at my events and retreats, and with my private and group clients – because it works. Oftentimes we need a little (or a lot of) extra help in changing our mindset and I have found that Tapping is the fastest and most effective techniques to help transform unproductive thoughts and beliefs into tools of EMPOWERED BRILLIANCE!


I understand that in one day I will:

Have learned the art of a Quantum Leap mindset and have the confidence and certainty I need to attract all of the abundance I choose…

Learn how to take my business/career, my income, and my personal life to
the next level in half the time it would normally take..

Will discover the proven breakthrough techniques that entrepreneurs and professionals around the world have used to propel themselves to incredible heights of professional
achievement – and how to use these strategies to have quantum leaps in all areas of my life!

Will finally stop wasting time on baby steps and LEAP into my brilliance!


This is your time.

And I know your time is precious, which is why I have packed this ONE DAY with everything I know to help you make the most of your time on this earth and get the results you want!

Get ready to spend a powerful, life-changing day with me! Be prepared to learn, explore, and have the doors of possibilities opened up wide for you as you show up in your brilliance. As a result, YOU decide what you want your next quantum leap to be! Then GO for it!


See you soon!

Be Brilliant,

Terms & Conditions:

Your registration is non-refundable. If you are not able to attend, you may transfer your registration to another person as long as SCWK receives at least 5 business days’ notice before start of event in writing.