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5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Path to Make Success Happen FASTER!

We’re either growing or dying.  It’s a vital concept that I teach in my practice of success coaching with entrepreneurs and professionals.  In working with clients, my first step is to identify and eliminate bad habits/practices that generate poor results and hinder growth.  Typically by making a few tweaks, clients’ results and experiences quickly change for the better. 

Below is a list of four habits you might be guilty of.  Which ones resonate with you?  Which ones are you going to stop doing?

  1. Stop asking for free services. I often see people asking for help online without the expectation of paying for someone’s expertise. Or copying resources (such as agreements) that other people have bought. While we all want to keep our costs down, it is disrespectful to the service provider to not pay for their services. In essence, if you’re not paying for their intellectual property, you are stealing it.  Would you want someone to use your expertise without paying for it?  Start offering to pay.  Money is energy.  What goes around comes around. 


  1. Stop giving your services away.  Referring to the previous suggestion, look at your own business/career.  Are you giving away your services or giving more than reasonably expected?  It’s time to put on your big girl/boy pants and start having the conversation about being paid for the services you provide.  Maybe it means raising your prices…maybe it means asking for a raise. 


  1. Stop taking action that isn’t aligned with your core values. Doing this can be a waste of time, energy, and resources, leaving you overwhelmed and going in the wrong direction. Pay close attention to what’s most important to you and stay on track.  


  1. Stop comparing yourself with others. There’s an expression I really like: “Swim in your own lane”. This means focusing on YOU and YOUR journey while letting others do their own thing.  Each of us has our area of brilliance, and that’s the guiding light to follow.

Whether you put all four of these into place at one time or choose to implement one at a time, you’ll start noticing a change in your business and/or career outcomes. 

Some of these will be super easy for you to execute, while others may be more challenging.  When you’re ready to hire a coach, let’s talk.

Be Brilliant,


Kate Beeders 
International Speaker | Best-Selling Author |
Breakthrough Success Expert | Leading Mindset Expert |
Award-Winning Strategist | Private Coaching


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