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One of the most significant stressors these days is all of the uncertainty we are experiencing. We’re often never quite sure what to expect as things constantly change each day. That amplifies the feeling of loss of control we feel we have in our lives.  That’s doesn’t feel good to us.

Change is never easy.  

During the pandemic, we’re constantly experiencing more change than ever. Typically, we think of change as something terrible- that we’re getting something worse. I want to help you start to be open to the possibility that change can be better. To have hope that it will be better.

For example, everyone was initially concerned about “remote” working, yet it has proven successful for so many.

Think of how many other changes you’ve had that worked out better than expected.

“So when we start to see the laws of nature — that things are impermanent, that attachment causes pain — we can also sense that there must be some other way. And there is. It is the way that can be called “the wisdom of insecurity.” This is the ability to flow with the changes, to see everything as a process of change, to relax with uncertainty…..”

~Jack Kornfield, Author “Meditation For Beginners”

Change can be good. Change can be better if we allow it to be by opening up the possibilities waiting for us.

Here are three techniques to help you reframe how you look at change:

1.         Embrace the change

2.         Bless, thank, and release the person or thing you are letting go of

3.         Face your fears about the change and work through them to lower/release them. Tapping is my favorite technique to use for this process. Learn more about “tapping” here.

As you implement these techniques, you’ll notice that things start to improve for you. Since one of the reasons for stress is the loss of control, it makes sense that you’ll feel calmer and happier once you start to regain your power and control.

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders

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