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Ever heard of the “power of intention?” If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember I talk about “deliberatelycreating. Without intent (i.e., a plan, a goal), we only manage to wander through life. If you want to live your BEST life, it’s critical to set an intention and what better way than NOW!
Researchers have proven time and again that most of our thoughts are negative. These are the worries, fears, doubts, and old stories that we carry around day after day. Did you know that 70% of the thoughts you have today will be the same thoughts you had yesterday and the same thoughts you’ll be thinking tomorrow? Any wonder why you keep getting stuck?
Researchers have also discovered that when we have a negative thought (or someone criticizes us), we need to compensate by having several (3-5) positive thoughts to stop any damage those negative thoughts can do. By harm, I’m referring to lowering our self-confidence, feeling sad, disappointed, etc. When you start to feel like that, it’s one sure-fire way of keeping you stuck and out of control. Definitely, not a place where you’d like to be if you’ve got high hopes for your future.
With everything that has happened since the pandemic started, it is even more critical than ever to bring more positive thoughts into your life.
Let me share one of the activities I plan on doing this year. And all you need is a glass jar.
Here are the steps to join me:
1.  Get an empty glass jar. Feel free to decorate it with ribbons, stickers and such.
2.  Put a label on the jar for your intentions. Mine says: “What I Want More of In My Life. ❤️”
3.  Each day, write on a piece of paper at least one good thing that happened during your day and put it in the jar.
4.  Each quarter, plan a celebration with a special ceremony to read all those little notes. Savor the experience. Reward yourself. Notice that by focusing on the good, you attract more good into your life.
5.  Start fresh for the next quarter. Some people prefer to wait a year to read the daily notes. I think it’s more important to have this experience sooner rather than later.
I’ve used a different topic each year and I love how it helps keep me uplifted during the year to stay on track. Share a photo of your jar!
Your mindset is one of the most critical areas of your life you can work on if you want better results. I’m here to help. Learn more about my coaching and schedule a time to talk to me if you’re ready to start.
Be Brilliant,
Kate Beeders
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